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    ebrahim reacted to Coulomb in Axpert settings vir Pylontech 3.5 kw   
    For one Pylontech 3.5 kWh (US3000B) battery:
    Setting 02 (maximum charge current) should be 30 A
    Setting 05 (battery type) should be USE (user battery type)
    Setting 12 (back to utility voltage) should be 48 V
    Setting 13 (back to battery voltage) should be 51 V, or possibly 50 V for less utility usage
    Setting 26 (bulk/absorb voltage) is recommended to be 53.2 V, though I personally would use a lower value like 51.8 V
    Setting 27 (float voltage) is recommended to be the same or a little lower than setting 26, e.g. 53.2 V, though I would personally use a figure like 50.3 V.
    Setting 29 (low DC cutoff voltage) should be 46.5 V, or 46.0 V to avoid low battery warnings.
    I hope this helps.
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