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  1. The roof space is the actual problem at the moment the next phase is to jump from 8 to 12 then I will have a separate array but at the moment I'm have to make use of the 8 panels so I'm going to stick with the 2s4p for now until I can expand. Thanks for your advice. Stay safe.
  2. Thanks for the reply 2s4p was the original plan but then I thought the voltage will be to close to the minimum operating range of the inverter. But I'll have to stick with it. Thanks
  3. Thanks for the reply 2s4p was the original plan but then I thought the voltage will be to close to the minimum operating range of the inverter. But I'll have to stick with it. Thanks
  4. Good day everyone,hope that u are all well? I was wondering if anyone can help me with a solar configuration. I have 8 x Canadian 315w Solar panels wit the following specs. Vmpp 33.1v Impp 9.52A Voc 39.9v And I have a 5kw inverter with the following specs. Mppr operating voltage 60v~115vdv Max pv array open circuit voltage 145v So the question is can I connect 2 strings in parallel with 4 panels in series in a string this will give me max 132.4v in the pv array but I'm not sure if the operating voltage will be within the limits of the inverter?
  5. I have an older version of the ACDC brand for my house. It does cover the Terminals and I have been very happy with it. It's been 2 years and it's still pushing well with no problems. So I guess the quality I good, just a few design problems with the newer model.
  6. Hi I'm not sure, I think it's a re-brand of something. This is a 3Kw 1500w mppt unit looks nice and it works so I guess it's OK. There is a few small things I don't like, the unit doesn't hide the cable entry points and I prefer stud battery Terminals. It has wifi which is nice so I guess it's not to bad.
  7. Hi everyone I would like to share my latest inverter build. The customer supplied the inverter and the batteries. Let me know what u guys think
  8. Thanks for the feedback this is a real tricky one for a domestic situation it's going to cost a lot of money to get the right system for the requirements. I think the best option for this family would be to run the 12000btu ac on inverter and keep the child in that room for the duration of the power outage.
  9. That's what I thought as well.... As long as it can get through the 2 hours loadshedding. It's a difficult one, the guy that asked me has a problem he's child has some disease and it requires the aircons to stay on....
  10. Good day gentleman. I need to find out if it is possible to run a 24000btu and a 12000btu air conditioner on the following setup Aircon specs 24000btu max current =11.80A Max power = 2.20kw 12000btu max current = 7.5A Max power 1660w System in question is as follow 5kw Hybrid inverter 3320pw pv array 200Ah 48v battery bank
  11. Finished product, it's running a server, 11 dedicated laptop charging points, printer and lights for a accounting firm.
  12. Hi this is a 3kva 200ah setup I built for a customer. Mains & load simply just plugs in.
  13. Hi everyone, my friend just baught a 3kva inverter from takealot, he asked me to assist him with solar panels but I noticed it doesn't spec the maximum wattage of the built in pwm. Can anyone assist with the maximum solar capability of this unit please?
  14. Hi guys. I just want to add my personal opinion on the solar geyser. We installed one at my parent's house, works very nice but..... Some cloudy days it's not very sufficient. So another option is a gas geyser. It's not nearly as expensive as your normal electrical geyser. Have a good day.
  15. Lock down project 2 Small 1kv inverter system Did this one for a friend. He is basically running all his lights and TV on this little system. 1kva inverter, 200Ah 12v battery, 700w total solar power.
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