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  1. Hi guys. I just want to add my personal opinion on the solar geyser. We installed one at my parent's house, works very nice but..... Some cloudy days it's not very sufficient. So another option is a gas geyser. It's not nearly as expensive as your normal electrical geyser. Have a good day.
  2. Lock down project 2 Small 1kv inverter system Did this one for a friend. He is basically running all his lights and TV on this little system. 1kva inverter, 200Ah 12v battery, 700w total solar power.
  3. Hi this is some of the data I pulled today. We had some clouds throughout the day. I'm also not sure if the pv output displays the actual current drawing from it or if it's the total available. It seems to change according to the loads, but here it is. Have a good evening.
  4. I'll share some photos of my trends later, but I have noticed in the mornings at around 09:00 im drawing around 950w from the panels while it's charging batteries with no problem..... I'm very happy with them. I have connected 2 - 2 in series and parallel the 2 pairs. 20Amps and around 82volts
  5. Hi Gerhardk83, I got them from Art solar also not at a bad price artsolar_technical_datasheet_370_310_mono_Black_web (1).pdf
  6. Finally finish with my lock down project 1 2 x new 250Ah batteries 4 x new 370w solar panels And re configuration of inverter setup.
  7. Hi thanks for the feedback. I suggested to him to add more panels to his external pwm for obvious warranty reasons. At the moment the battery discharges at 25A at a range of 300 to 350w and he is only getting 13.8A of charge through the pwm. So he basically needs to up his charge to run the day without draining the battery.
  8. I have actually realized a potential problem with he's idea, if the pwm isn't connected to the battery it would not detect the operating voltage of the battery.
  9. Good evening all. I would like to ask something on behalf of a friend. This might sound very crazy but here goes. He has a small 1kva 12v inverter with a maximum mppt rating og 15-18v vdc and 600w. So he opted to get an external pwm which will allow a bigger pv array. He currently has 2 x 200w 28.6v panels but due to the 12v system he's battery discharge is high and the panels charging through the pwm can't keep up with the battery discharge current. So the question is would it be possible to open the inverter and locate the mppt output terminals and then connect the external pwm battery output to the internal mppt output to battery terminal to basically replace the function of the mppt if this is possible he would be able to set the inverter output source to SBU to use the power from the pwm instead of drawing from the battery?? I know this might sound very stupid but I thought I would rather ask the experts to give him an opinion. Thanks, have a good evening. Kind regards
  10. Good day, hope you all are doing well? Can someone please help me with watch power software, the one I currently have doesn't show the battery capacity and discharge current. Not sure why but this is really useful information.
  11. Thanks, does the 24v model have a problem with all battery tipes or just lead acid, I'm going to replace the batteries with Gell batteries. After testing the batteries the test came back that one battery is dead. So I'm going to replace both with 2 x 250Ah gell batteries.
  12. Hi all hope you are good....... I need some advice on a battery issue. I have 2 12v 200ah batteries in series for my 3kva 24v inverter and it worked very well with my load, I then install solar panels to the inverter and I realized at night that the inverter is switching between battery and utility every few minutes. I then did a test on the batteries only to discover it takes 23min for the batteries to go from 27v float to 22v cutoff which is definitely not right, both the indicators are showing that the batteries are OK. I then left the batteries to charge for 24hrs from utility but got the same results. I got them about a year ago. Any advice? I'm not sure if I can add battery water as it looks like it is sealed Thanks have a great day
  13. I'm very curious on your raspberry pie setup, are u able to monitor remotely? I would like to have a remote monitor unit.....
  14. I just had a look, mine is also on SOL I actually taught in was on SBU. My load is about the same but I'm lacking in battery capacity I currently have 2 x 200Ah lead acid batteries, I want to replace it with 4 x 200Ah gell batteries but it's a lot of money and it's very difficult to get approval from the financial manager
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