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  1. Hi it's quite expensive everything comes up to R217000.
  2. Hi thanks. The sun tracks down the length of the roof pv1 on the left gets early morning sun and from 10:00 pv2 on the right starts performing. It's working quite well.
  3. Thanks what I understand as well. I have a client where I installed a 8kw Deye inverter, he phoned me and said that he saw that he can send power back to the DB that's supplying the inverter with utility and power the loads that's not connected to the inverter and then u install the CT on the main utility supply to the house DB and it will block power going to the main grid. I have never heard of it. I know it's possible if you export back to grid you can power the loads in your DB but u have to open the main supply breaker and u will still be restricted to the inverters original 8kw output.
  4. Hi. I would like to know how does a CT stop power flowing past it? As far as I know current transformers are used to measure Amps flowing in a direction.
  5. Hi it's safer that way. It's pretty heavy and I don't want to drop that battery
  6. Latest installation for a customer. 8kw Deye Hybrid Inverter 15000W Lithium Ion Battery bank 18x 410w Canadian Half Cut Panels Feedback will be appreciated.
  7. Hi piet I'm busy with a design when I'm done with it I'll give some feedback on it. I'm going to design a changeover circuit with some contractors and a timer that will switch my geyser circuit between the inverter load and eskom power. The idea with this is to run the 200l geyser on the inverter with a 2kw element in the day time and then switch over to eskom power at night to spare my batteries for essentials. I'm also going to try and use a light sensor switch and try and place this sensor in such a way to keep the geyser on eskom load when it's a very cloudy day. Then I'm going to go
  8. Thanks guys for all the opinions it's much appreciated.
  9. Good day everyone. I'm working on a little project involving heating my geyser through solar energy. I haven't baught anything yet, just want to get a couple off opinions first. So I have a 200l geyser that I want to heat up. So the plan is to get a 8kw inverter with 18 x 410w solar panels. Now this system will produce much more than my usual consumption needed to run my essentials in the house so the plan is to use the rest of the solar energy to heat up the geyser. So I was thinking of getting they Geyserwise ptc 1.5kw AC/DC element and hook it up with the inverter with external
  10. Hi I just want to give u some feedback on this system. We added 4 more panels to the original 8. We did a full load test to see what we can achieve with it and the maximum we got with everything running on the inverter was 3.48kw. We were running a 9000btu air conditioner, Gaming pc with monitor, 60" TV with accessories, swimming pool pump, 4 pumps for fish ponds, all the lights in the 3 bedroom house and 3 Fridges. We reduced the daily cons of this house by 16 units and it's been running smoothly for 2 weeks now.
  11. Hi I'm not sure if they are better but from the reading it looks quite good. The installation was done last weekend and it's been cloudy and rainy since . Will give more feedback once we have good weather
  12. Hi all I recently did this installation. It's a 5kw inverter with a wifi logger for remote monitoring 4 x 200ah Gel batteries 8 x 315w Canadian Solar panels. Let me know what u think.
  13. Thanks Henk I'll check it out and see if I can figure it out. Does it have the inverter graphics or do u have to upload it? Looks very nice.
  14. HI Henk this looks very good. If I may ask what did u use to make these drawings? I have been looking for something to make these drawings.....
  15. The roof space is the actual problem at the moment the next phase is to jump from 8 to 12 then I will have a separate array but at the moment I'm have to make use of the 8 panels so I'm going to stick with the 2s4p for now until I can expand. Thanks for your advice. Stay safe.
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