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  1. hi paul,

    thanks for your script, but can you help me with this,

    I have a bmv-702 with temperature sensor, and i like to send this (temp) to emoncms too. can you help me to do that ?

    I try add this in dbus-emoncms.py but the script stop to working :(

    thanks in advance

  2. On 2016/11/15 at 5:48 AM, PaulF007 said:

    So I decided to have a look at the Emon Local server and its a bit tricky to setup in the beginning but after that its running quite smoothly. You have a lot more options when it come to design the dash and you also have the ability to  create a "virtual feed" if you need to do a calculation of sorts. All in all good fun and I would recommend the use of it if you have less than favorable internet connection. 

    Here is some screen shots.

    Conditional formatting of data is added to the local Emon


    Virtual feeds for calculating values but is not logged 


    Quite a few options to desighn your dash but you still need to "hot link" images if you want to include them in your dash


    A mobile dash:


    You also have the option to change the grid of your dash that makes placing values a bit easier. 



    hi paul,

    i´m your follower, great job what you do with emoncms graphics,  bmv scrips :)

    I find this forum because find this dashboards in the google, but i can´t finf the png´s, can you sharing this two png´s ?

    best regards

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