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Thank you for the great forum, Safe Driving over the weekend. Sincerely Jason

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  1. Hello Trust this message finds everyone well. I have a question. I have an InfiniSolar 10kva inverter + 8 x PylonTech batteries to make up 28kw. I have 24 x 410w Canadian solar panels on the roof charging these batteries each day. The entire house bar the 2 x 200l geysers are plugged connected to the inverter. These geysers have a Kwikot conversion kit on (which is so so...) and they are connected to two timers which run for an hour in the morning and an hour in the afternoon. They maybe draw power for about 15 minutes each time during this charging interval. I also have an ICC unit connected to the inverter to give me information back from the inverter and batteries. I have physically turned off the circuit breaker on the inverter so no grid power comes into the inverter at all unless we have a day of no sun then I manually turn it back on. This is not the best solution. I want to be able to somehow should the batteries drop below 20% then turn on the grid and if they go above say 50% then turn the grid supply off. Is this possible. Sorry for the question. I have done this system on my own. I have also written a C# application in Linux to communicate with the inverter for my own stats. Haven't gotten the communication working with the Pylontech batteries. That is like fighting with a Russian bear! Regards, Simon
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