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  1. Hi. According to pylontech manual pin 1 and 8 are the same, Pin 2 and 7 the same. They recommend using 6 -grd, 7 - RS485A and 8 - RS485B. Will change connector to see if any change. I'm using usb to serial convertor that I use with all my softwares for PLC programming and have no hassles. Some PLC's have issues if convertor not good. On the 9 pin plug what must the connection be. Thanks
  2. Hi. Can somebody help me with pin layout. Need cable from pylontech stack to pc. Trying MultiSIBcontrol but can't get comms with batteries. Cable made up RJ45 Pin 6 ground( Pin 5 of 9 pin plug), 7 - RS485A (Pin 2 of 9 pin Plug) and 8 - RS485B (Pin 3 of 9 pin plug). What am I doing wrong? Please???? Thanks
  3. Hi. Multisubcontrol is an opion I'm looking at. Can't get hold of Manie and he does not answer my email as well. So problems wit ICC can't get solved. The above software was also mentioned on this forum. Enjoy and it's free.
  4. Hi. Will try tomorrow with cable and see. Thanks guys.
  5. Hi all. @VicVic. What did you do that your software work 100% now. OS up to date and all that. Thanks.
  6. Hi. Also have problem with invertor readings stopping to update. Pull out usb cable and put back then comms continue. 2 different invertors. 3 x 5kw Mecer invertors with 8 x Pylontech batteries. Also cannot get comms to Pylontech on 485 port.
  7. Hi. I've got 3 x 5kw Mecer invertors with 8 x Pylontachs. The invertors don't have the PYL setting. Must I upgrade the invertor software? Also the cable pin config for the dh485 to serial to use with the Multisub software. Want to use the 485 port on Pylontech. Using console port with ICC software but not stable anymore. That's why I'm trying the new software. Thanks
  8. Hi guys. Hope you all still well. I've just changed the setting to appliance from ups and now it work with generator. Thanks.
  9. Hi. Hope you well. I'm trying to make up cable for the RS485 to connect with pylontech and the software. According to pylontech the rj45 port pin is 6 gnd, 7 RS485A and 8 RS485B. I've connected it like that and the 9 pin its connected to pin 5,2 and 3 for the above rj45 connection. Is it correct or how must I make up the cable. Thanks.
  10. Model: SOL-I-AX-5NB . Normally ICC setup to use only solar for charging. Set it to utility and 10 amps. Also inverters setup as ups but changed it to appliance mode. Will test with generator tomorrow again to see if it works. Thanks.
  11. Thanks for the reply. Generator is 25kva and was stable at 50Hz. All load disconnected so it was only invertors that I wanted to charge the batteries. you can't even hear that the generator is taking the load.
  12. Hi. Hope you all well. I've got 3 x 5kva Mecer Model name: SOL-I-AX-5NB which give an error code 80. Any ideas on that code. Can't get it in any manual. Thanks.
  13. Hi all. Hope you well. I have 3 mecer 5kva invertors with 8 x pylontech bateries with solar panels. My problem comes when I feed my system with generator power that the invertors doesn't want to use the generator supply but runs on solar and battery. On display you can see and even with tester I measure 220V. It sometimes switch over to generator supply for few seconds then back to solar. Any suggestions. Also sometimes 2 invertors trip on fault 80. Connected to ICC software for monitoring.
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