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  1. I think an 11kW heating system is probably intended for use in houses with 3 phase power connections.
  2. If you want something that does not need to be installed, and all your essentials are on one plug, you might want to look at one of those portable trolley inverter kits. This one from takelot is just an example, I don't have personal experience with it. It will run you under R15k for the inverter and 2 deep cycle batteries.
  3. Does anyone have some tips around the cleaning of solar panels for built up dust etc? Like how often to do it, what performance gains to expect etc? I was thinking of getting a long telescopic window washing pole to be able to clean them from a ladder, instead of climbing on the pitched roof, but they are quite expensive (R1,900) for 4m+ kits. Perhaps someone has found this type of equipment cheaper somewhere?
  4. On a more serious note, my easiest way to see loadshedding is the fact that the normally bright colourful lights on my Geyserwise control panel are dead. But it still requires me to go and check it, so I definitely want to look into some sort of buzzer system.
  5. I have a very reliable audible alarm: My neighbour's generator starting.
  6. Does anyone know if there is software like Batteryview available for Dyness batteries?
  7. @Pieter007 did you manage to find out whether ICC supports Sunsynk monitoring? I was also wondering about this.
  8. It seems to be working fine, although I have only had it for a month now. So I don't know how the performance will differ between summer and winter. I have Canadian Solar KuMax 144 cell CS3U-355P panels. My winter performance has been as follows: It can peak at about 2.6kW - 2.7kW most days, and I get over 0.8kW from 08:00 and until 16:00. I have attached an example of my production graph over time (the 'dips' are where I don't have enough load to consume the production, as I don't export to the grid).
  9. Here is a page from the manual of the Sunsynk with some specs that might be useful for your comparisons:
  10. You can also consider the Sunsynk 5kW hybrid inverter. It has 2 MPPTs, 125V-425V, 11A each. My setup has 5 panels NE + 5 panels NW.
  11. Thanks for the info. You're right, the jump is getting smaller. It now goes from about 91% to 100%, about 2 weeks after installation.
  12. I have a new system with a Sunsynk 5kW inverter and 2x Dyness 3.6kWh Lithium batteries. I have also noticed this jump from about 85% to 100% with each charge, and was concerned that it might be due to incorrect settings on my inverter. But from this discussion it seems like it is just the way these systems work, and not specific to a certain brand of battery.


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