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  1. Hi guys,I have a customer that has prepaid,i was thinking of taking his lights and some of the plugs off prepaid,Splitting his DB.What other suggestions do you have?
  2. I downloaded Watch power, to my laptop.Running on Windows 7.But when I connect the USB cable to the inverter and to the Laptop then my laptop does not recognize the USB device. Any suggestions?I tried all of the USB ports but it give me the same message.
  3. Hi there guys,I installed Watchpower and my Laptop does not recognize the USB device(Inverter) when I plug it in.I downloaded Watchpower 3 x now and still no luck,I want to setup the Pylontech US3000B.I went through the Growatt 5kW setup but it does not see the LiFePO4 batt.It goes into fault mode the moment I do the setup according to Growatt,try to contact Growatt,arrggg what a frustration. Please help
  4. Good day.I have a Growatt inverter 5Kw, I want to use Watch power to communicate with the inverter but when I insert the USB cable then my laptop inform me that it does not recognize the USB device. What else can I do?
  5. It is a client's installation.
  6. I have also bought a GROWATT 5kW inverter.I struggle with the LiFePO4 setup.They state I must select the Li in step 5 then it jumps to step 36.There is a selection of Protocols,when I select the first protocol and change it from L0 2 to L1 2 then the inverter goes into a fault mode. Any ideas?
  7. Thank you Coulomb.Then my calculations was correct.But the solar panel on the inverter does not show. I contacted MECER,waiting for an answer.Will keep you up to date.
  8. Thanks for the info.But it still baffels me.I did the string calculations with the max PV inverter voltage of 145V and it indicated that I can use 3 max in a string. Question : Do you use the max inverter PV input voltage or the MPPT max V of 115V?
  9. Good evening.I have the same problem with the MECER inverter as this gentleman.But my PV input V is 132,5V at the PV input on the inverter. i have 9 panels of 365W each, 3x 3 strings. 132,5V at midday.But no solar panels shows on the display,the setting for on SET 01 = SON.The 2 x 2.4kW Pylontech batteries also switches off after 5min.When I measure the Voltage at the Fuse Isolator terminals it is 49,99V, after AC is restored then the SOC on the Pylontech shows full(All green LEDS on).
  10. Good evening,it is an AXPERT and it is Pylontech2 x 2.4kWh
  11. Good day to all. I am surging for the best user friendly software to use as an installer to setup a customers inverter for the battery charge/discharge, must also be able to be selectable for most of the type of batteries. The customer does not need to monitor his system. I read up on the Raspberry Pi,my understanding is that the customer uses it to monitor his system!?
  12. Good day,I have 2 x Pylontech US2000 in parallel.The "Master add dip switch 1 is on and the other 3 is off",The "Slave add dip switch is all off".Is that correct, then the Master has a alarm LED.What and how can I check what is wrong and how can I correct it? Sorry I forgot the inverter is AXPERT 5kW
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