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  1. Hi Thanks for feedback, makes sense, I have already suggested to client to increase battery setup. From what i understand the dyness has a 3.2kw storage, it can only discharge at 1,68kw Next question would of been what happens to excess solar power if load is minimal, but think you have already answered that, the mecer (mppt) limits or "throttles" it, is that correct? How does the Mecer rate compared to other invereters especially when it comes to switching, (from utility to solar, or vice versa, utilising battery when solar is not sufficient and so forth. Thanks
  2. Morning all New to solar but been in the electrical field a while. A couple of very basic questions if anyone willing to help? I done an install, the equipment was purchased and supplied by others so had no input into that. Setup 1 x 5kva Mecer inverter 1 x Dyness B4874 battery 12 x 335watt panels (4 strings of 3) Question What kind of max wattage would we likely to get out of those panels on an average winters and summers day lets say between 10h00 and 15h00(i know that it is better to work on KWh, also know that wiring size and a couple other factors etc comes into effect) but just asking from your guys experience. What kind of losses (wattage of panels) should we expect on average, if the setup is done perfectly, (read somewhere that if its a perfect summers day at 12h00 and panel angle is perfect as well as positioning) you are only likely to get 80% of total output, is that correct? Got a couple more basic questions, will ask once i get my head around a few matters. Thanks guys


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