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  1. NJS

    Hybrid inverters

    I want to know the difference between the INGE & SUNSYNK Hyprid inverter
  2. Hi, i have just installed the Inge hyprid inverter two weeks back by a company i trust. Since installation the inverter is performing well, no stress at all. On the screen i see a sign "sunsynk " displayed. My question is; is there a link between the Inge & Sunsynk? I'm asking this question because when i read the manuals of this two inverters they seem to be alike with no difference at all. The Inge appears to be a product of Spain if not mistaken. However i'm informed that the Sunsynk is amongst the best not sure about the Inge. Anyone with knowledge about the Inge as to how good or bad, can share the information. Regards,
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