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  1. PLEASE ASSIST! We have 5kva synerji inverter and 2 x 2.4 us2000 pylontech batteries. What does warning E9 message mean? Can someone please explain this? After sunset batteries go to 2 lights and utility will maintain that up until the morning. Tonight however it seems that E9 warning is on the inverter display and utility is taking the battery right up to full. Why the sudden change in how the system works? Thanks.
  2. Still having problems with this solar system ! Now a new problem. When batteries have gone down at night to the new setting of 2 lights. Utility kicks in to maintain the batteries on 2 lights until the next morning. When this happens however our utility goes haywire. It will go up to 247 and then as low as 003 or nothing. This affects appliances and lights. Why would this happen???? We are having very cloudy overcast days, and have been told that this could be to do with the panels as they are polycrystalline panels and they don't do well under overcast and cloudy conditions. Please what is your take on this? Feedback much appreciated.
  3. PLEASE HELP! Found this very interesting. Am interested to know if Scottie managed to get his system working 100s. Am also from Zimbabwe and have been having a horrid time trying to get our system to work as Scottie's. We have 8 × 330w panels, 5kva synerji inverter and 2 x 2.4kw pylontech batteries. Our problem is panels stop/disconnect/deactivate once batteries are full (6 lights) even if its 11 am. Then load is being supplied from batteries come sundown batteries are low. we would ideally like to use solar entire day (while sun is able to power) then batteries at sunset, electricity to only kick in to charge up batteries or keep/maintain it at least at a good rate say 3 or 4 lights..
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