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  1. That looks nice but I would personally rather go for something like attached. Instead of relying on the sun to generate enough energy to heat the water with an element, this thing let the sun heat the water and circulate it through the geyser. It also has the management unit which only switch the pump on at certain temperatures and the geyser element when absolutely necessary. Best of all is that this thing only cost something like R6000.
  2. Thanks Christo, will keep that in mind. I understand, will have to setup the full system and have my comms device ready...and obviously have to understand what the output shows me. You've got the correct Zak and that Safari is going to outlive me the way it's going. Can't seem to break anything on it and I love the additional tech and lighting I'm adding to it.
  3. Thanks plonkster. From everything I've seen it's quite easy to test any 12v-24v battery with the garage testers but any tester that'll go higher than that is more than R100k. Guess I'll have to check the battery itself for any signs, and maybe the lcd also have something to say.
  4. Hi, When will the next shipment be or do you have some panels left?
  5. Hi, Although I've been playing with alternative energy for about 6 years now, I'm still much a rookie. My energy curiosity started when I went living in the bush in Malawi and its still going strong. Also doing courses every now and then. I have a million questions but this one is the most urgent. I'm about to go pick up some "new" lithium batteries from a dubious source and was hoping that there's some way of testing their battery life before I take them. Hope someone has an answer that I can understand and perform.
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