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  1. Thanks a lot for your input, i have checked the voltage of each and every battery individually as well as the amps going in and out, and all seem correct as what the Mecer inverter is displaying, im also wondering if it wasn't the batteries themselves and not the overcharge and over-discharge situations.. but in same time i want to hear from your experiences maybe i've missed something or i'm not aware of it....
  2. Thanks for your answer The Bulk and float modes values were set by an "electric engineer", if i look at the datasheet; Bulk charge : 14.6V~14.8V @25C (if we take the lowest value 14.6 multiplies it by the number of battery system 48V it equals 14.6Vx4=58.4V) Float charge : 13.6V~13.8V @25 (if we take the highest value 13.8V multiplies it by the number of battery system 48V it equals 13.8Vx4=55.2V) We have same setup and equipments in different premises and all are functioning properly with no issues, this is the first incident.
  3. Thanks for your reply, i agree, it is difficult to determine or even troubleshoot the issue, but it worked well for years by my brothers and my in laws we have same setups everything was bought same time done by same people, and this is the first incident.. Now i need to replace the batteries but i can not do so if i haven't found what caused it to prevent it from happening again.
  4. Hello Everyone I have a question and i hope you guys can help, my setup is 4 batteries forming 48V 200Ah and one Mecer inverter 5KVA/5KW, for almost two years everything seemed to work seamless with no issues, i have been away for 5 months and i left my system like i did every time, the power mode set to utility (see attached settings). Last weekend i returned home to find out that my batteries have been bloated and leaked but still functioning (see photos), do you have any idea what would have caused it ? knowing that the load was very minimal and only once a week when the garden b
  5. @Chris Louw Yes that's what it shows in the manual user, i just want to double check when you said you are using a 12V power supply. So i can use the wall outlet in the house like im using phone charger.. !!!
  6. Thank you for replying @Coulomb and @Chris Louw I feel so dumb now, this is why they are called dry contact they are like switches, i honestly thought i will get a small amount of power from it to trigger the light... what is the maximum power (V and A ) supply that i can run through it ???? Thanks again for your time i really appreciate it.
  7. Thanks @Chris Louwfor the answer before i connect the light i wanted to make sure there is power coming from the relay to power up the bulb, but it seems it is not working Im testing it to use it in an off grid system by my uncle, the light will switches on when the voltage drops to setting 12 (low voltage) and i will do the same in my house... I have connected one wire to C and other one to NC which will close the circuit when the voltage is high wether program 1 is set to utility or solar, and i test the voltage with multimeter and it shows nothing just 0.00 Any idea wh
  8. My power source set to Utility which will work the same as if its SBU or Solar when the battery Battery is fully my battery is in floating stage and multimeter shows nothing
  9. Greetings Im trying to set up a light to go on when the voltage drops bellow 50% which in my case will be 48.5V I have used the Ports C & NC that will allow the circuit to close when the voltage is higher than the point back to utility or in floating mode just to test if it will work, but im not getting any signals from the dry contacts please advise
  10. Hi Coulomb Thanks for your reply Yes this is my father's in law setup we suing two but they are connected to the AC and we use them all the time if one is off the load sometimes will be higher for it to handle. Im using WatchPower to monitor the system and in my house im using AXPERT MKS 5KVA 48VOLT two of them connected in parallel and the CPU version installed is 74.30 (is there any firmware updates on this model?) The reason asked is in WatchPower with my Axpert inverters i get an extra section of battery equalization settings in parameters that i don't get in the other
  11. Hello Everyone I have two of MECER SOL-I-AX-5M Inverter connected in parallels, the current CPU version installed is 72.40 and i'm wondering if there is new one for this inverter module and how to install it and is there a chance to mess up the inverters or the system incase of an error during the process. Thanks in advance
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