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  1. The Blue unit is the Wind Turbine Controller with its Dump Load so no V Blue I know they get confused easily...
  2. 2 x Luxpower inverters 8 x dyness 2.4 KW 3KW wind turbine Off grid with generator backup Needless to say the generator has not run in months Client can monitor everything remotely using web portal on his phone Installation by Werner from Elecdelite
  3. Without getting to technical the MPPT Controllers of the inverters that have solar panels connected will service the loads on the battery bank without adverse effects on the battery bank if the array is large enough or larger than the load the array will keep the batteries charged and service the load on the inverter without solar power connected. Or something like that
  4. I have seen an installer do this with a very complicated system of of voltage regulators and a BMS hub with an ICC if it works properly remains to be seen but I am dubious..batteries used solar gel and I think Revov second life with a custom Built BMS hub or that is what he tells me.. personally I would not mix the two far too risky..
  5. Least we know what to avoid for off grid applications besides its also very pricey for what it is.. sadly you got a little burnt.
  6. Sunpays leaves a bad taste in the mouth.. clearly they missinformed you and sold you incompatible equipment. Thats why I always recommend main stream product buying cheap is not always the best option however there are many Axpert Gurus here maybe one of them can pull a rabbit out of the proverbial hat.
  7. Congrats the Sunsynk has better software support etc but you will not be sorry
  8. I agree there a properly maintained turbine can last many years as long as you replace parts that wear like the the three main bearings two in the genset an one set in the neck of the turbine quality Turbines allow for this kind of maintenance and the cost of quality bearings are very low and extend the lifespan of the machines considerably. The tower design is important for ease of maintenance so Ginpole design or hydraulic towers make maintenance a simple opperation. Wind power is always a good compliment too Solar power and has an tangable affect on extending the battery life of a system if there is sufficient wind available any area with an average wind of 6meters per second and more is viable though the power produced and ROI is longer than solar power it pays for itself in the benifet it provides for the battery. Sadly very few people understand the technology and due to that and bad quality cheap china imports few people take the leap to invest in wind power. Also from a maintenance point of view if you wait for the turbine to break then fixing it is near impossible especially if the stator interfered with the windings...where breakdowns can be avoided with propper maintenance by replacing the inexpensive bearings before they go... most turbines have 3 bearings and by doing this you can get your turbine to work reliably for more than 50 years with that said quality Turbines I have installed a lot of small scale turbines between 300 watt and 5KW and they have made a lot of difference but maintaining them is important..
  9. A couple of years back we had a Axpert Clone inverter setup that consisted of 4 x 5KVA inverters 3 of them were configured in 3 pase parallel mode and the 4th was connected to the same battery bank and provided power to a 4th dedicated circuit the 4th inverter had no solar power connected and had no parallel communications connected to the other three that was connected in parallel. The 3 parallel inverters had solar power connected the system is still running today with that setup without complications we just configured the 4th inverter identically to the parallel inverters without the parallel function. It provides the 4th circuit with power and battery backup it also had its own single phase input. So it can be done. However I am quite sure that the Axpert experts can come up with reasons why it should not be done. The point is it still works seamlessly with no serious adverse effects on the gel battery bank we configured it that solar power serves the loads in the daytime and battery is last priority so they only work during loadshedding. However I don't know if this will work with Solis Luxpower Goodwe and Sunsynk.
  10. Great option awesome product have 3 of them running in off grid mode with 8 x 2.4KW dyness batteries awesome technical backup built in remote monitoring and the client is definately not BLUE
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