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  1. Hello all, i am new to solar and still learning so please excuse the million odd noob questions. i have 2x solar installations and i need help ensure i am getting the most out of them. at home i have a Goodwe 4.6 Hybrid Inverter with 3x US3000 batteries coupled to 14x Canadian Solar 330w panels. this system occasionally trips(usually when the coffee machine and kettle are on, and then my wife turns on a hairdryer) and for some reason the batteries seem to still be utilized when the now the tripping is tough to get around due to the way my house is wired. so many needed plugs are wired to other plugs that really should not be on backup. the only way to fix this is to run new cables. case and point, my microwave and fridge are on the same circuit. its a little painful and irritating that we cannot use power as normal when we have eskom power. but again it is seldom that we pull such an amount. the next issue is if my lights dimming when a larger load is turned on - ie a kettle. i get lights flickering and dimming which is also slightly irritating. i was told to put the Power Factor to 0.9. which seems to help. i know this effectively reduced my 4.6kw to more like a 4.14kw. but it does help tremendously. At my offices i have a Mecer 10kw Hybrid inverter, with 4x US3000 batteries coupled to 30x Canadian Solar 330w panels. this unit has been sheer hell. its blow up twice and been repaired under warranty each time. its spend more time being repaired at Mustek than it has actually working. my issue here is excess power generated does not seem to be feeding to the non-backup side of our factory (like my goodwe does at home) i will pay someone to get this unit running optimally. the installer i used blamed the issue on the newer power monitor?(i'm not sure what it's really called, but it makes sure no additional power is pushed toward eskom). i find that hard to believe and imagine it might just be a setting issue anyway, hello! and thanks for your patience with me!


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