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  1. I originally started fitting out for a 12V Lead Acid system with a 24V inverter, but eventually opted for 48V Lithium instead, so now I have an unwanted Victron Battery Balancer still sealed in it's plastic wrapper. This is the one : https://thepowerstore.co.za/products/victron-battery-balancer-multiple-battery-soc?variant=12367954640958 I'm willing to part with it for R1000 cash. Willing to deliver within a reasonable radius of North East Joburg
  2. Just a follow up for someone reading this. I swapped the RS485 cable from one battery to the other and changed the Link 0 and Link 1 connections to make it the new 'leader' and that seems to have resolved it. Just hoping it's not a faulty BMS on the other battery.
  3. Hey, thanks for the response. It does seem to be the battery BMS. I noticed it always limits the input to 20A when it gets to 87% full, then down to 10A at about 95%. The battery used to run down to 20% overnight but due to loadshedding I've changed things so it's only around 40% in the morning now. I will leave it tomorrow morning and see it it gets out of the 20A limit at any point
  4. Hi All, My first post here! I have an Axpert VMIII 5kW inverter, 2 x 3.5kW Pylontech (US3000) batteries and 3kW of panels to charge them. My setup is just a few months old and has been working fine up till now, but yesterday I noticed the solar charging just stalled at around 18A. After a bit of investigating I found the issue was the Max Charging Current had reset to 20A, I used the app to change it back to 50A, a few seconds later and it's reset back to 20A Finally a power cycle fixed it and I got it back to 50A, but I woke up this morning and it's reset itself back to 20A again and I had to power it on and off again to get it back up. Additional information, I have the Pylontech batteries connected to the inverter using the comms cable and using the Pylon setting as the battery type, so it's possible the batteries could be changing the setting, perhaps they limit charging amps due to cold weather in the morning? Also, Due to loadshedding I changed the Solar Only charging option to Solar + Utility so i could charge the battery off mains. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks.


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