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  1. Hi Guys So my solar panels are still only getting max 3840 a day! I assume its because of the 18 amps max input. Is there any other RCT inverter that I can go with that will allow a higher amp?
  2. @Coulomb @wolfandy Hi Guys, I want to add another 3.5 poly 300 to my system that currently has the poly 200. How should I go about wiring this? pol 300 as main or keep 200?
  3. Maxed out at 4670W when I did a stress test. Thank you @Coulomb @wolfandy Awesome setup as above.
  4. Would the RCT-INFINISOLAR V2 5K-48V Inverter not be a better fit then?
  5. Here is a pic for my panel. At the moment we have 3 packs connected with a 3-1 way male and female connector. How would you then change this connection? @Coulomb each pack has 5 panels connected to each other and then the ends goes to the 3-1 connector Thank you for the help so far
  6. Ok hectic. Would you guys then recommend I remove 1 panel per pack of 5? @Coulomb. The other thing is I only get max 3400W of solar power in the day. It might be because its winter or I dont know. Have stress tested this with a kettle and the max the pv goes to is 3400
  7. Once again thank you for all the help so far @wolfandy. Please note I have received my Pi and its plugged and ready to go.
  8. Great info thank you @wolfandy. I have changed the settings to your recommendations. As for the ICC this is the one I got: https://iccsoftware.co.za/product/icc-pi-kit-pi-4-4gb-licensed-icc-pylontech-cable/ Please let me know If I still need to add something. So we saying I will need at least one more poly?
  9. Hi Guys, Let me start by saying this looks like an awesome forum. Tons of information here. Also the community looks like a bunch of epic people. Now let me also start by saying what system I have installed and how its currently running: 330W X15 solar panels. RCT - Inverter 5kva MK2 Polytech 2000 battery BMS box - Has not been setup. I want to system to run as follows: During the day it must run on solar and at night I want it to run on eskom. I only want to battery to be used/run off when we have load shedding. Currentl
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