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  1. 2 hours ago, Coulomb said:

    I assume you presently have 5S3P. That's a bit short (too few in series) and fat (too many in parallel). So definitely don't go down to 4S3P. They seem to make a big deal about the input current not exceeding 18 A. Your panels would be capable of some 8 A, so three strings would bring that to 24 A, quite a lot more than the 18 A max. I think you'd be better off reconfiguring for 7S2P (14 panels). 14 panels is then 4620 W, which is only 3% higher than the specifications. More importantly perhaps, the maximum PV current would be more like 16 A, under their 18 A figure.

    It could well be because the SCC won't use more than 18 A of current (as it says on the sticker and in the specifications). Let's guess the Vmp of your panels at 41 V each; 5S would give a total of 205 V, times 18 A is 3690 W, a little more than what you see in winter. With one fewer panel and 7S2P, you could expect very roughly 80% of rated power in summer, 75% in winter, so that's 75% x 330 x 14 = 3465. A possible improvement with one less panel in use. In summer you'd see the extra 5% (really 80/75-1 = 6.7%), whereas with 5S3P you'd still be limited to 18 A of panel current and possibly see less than 3400 W max due to the higher temperature (and hence lower panel voltage).


    I have change the cabling to have 2 packs of 7 panels. 

  2. Hi Guys,

    Let me start by saying this looks like an awesome forum. Tons of information here. Also the community looks like a bunch of epic people.


    Now let me also start by saying what system I have installed and how its currently running:


    330W X15 solar panels.

    RCT - Inverter 5kva MK2

    Polytech 2000 battery

    BMS box - Has not been setup.


    I want to system to run as follows:

    During the day it must run on solar and at night I want it to run on eskom. I only want to battery to be used/run off when we have load shedding.


    Currently its using the battery and solar during the day and thats fine with me as long as the battery does not go below 60%.

    I have yet to setup the BMS box as I have no clue on how to do this.


    Would any of you mind the recommend settings for my inverter giving the above scenario.

    Currently my house uses about 2000w constantly during the day and at night time 1300w. There is the odd jump to 4000w when we turn on the kettle or vacuum machine.

    I did order a pi from icc with the software.


    Anyway any help would be awesome.,



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