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  1. Hi The SBL / SLB setting is separate from the operating mode (SBU / SUB) in the Kings. You can have either SBL or SLB enabled and operate in SBU or SUB mode. Hence my confusion. That may be the case if operating in SUB mode. With the Kings ability to blend AC/PV/Battery power, does it make a difference though? if (PV power) + (Ac power) = Load + battery charge, does it matter where it each one is assigned to, as total power usage will be the same? The only impact I can forsee in this circumstance would be the charging rate (limited to PV availability). I
  2. Thanks Coulomb I can report that the rewiring was done and the PV drop-out issues I was experiencing, is gone. Also, battery charging on PV seems much better now. Thanks for the help!
  3. Hi All, So, my setup: 3 x Axpert King 5Kva in parallel (working as single phase) (Firmware 71.9) 16 x Narada 200ah batteries (Narada 12ndt200) setup in 4 x 48V parallel. 28 x 370W panels (2s14p split 5/5/4 between the inverters). My question relates to setting 16 - Solar energy priority on the Axpert King. Options for this setting: SBL / UCB - Solar energy for battery first, Allow utility to charge (default) // SBL / UDC - Solar energy to battery first, disallow utility to charge // SLB / UCB - Solar energy for load first, Allow utility to charge // SLB / UDC - Solar en
  4. Hi All I recently installed 3 x Axpert King 5kva inverters in parallel (single phase). Panels are 27 x 370W Renewsys. Battery running 16 Narada AGM in 4 x 4 config. Also using Victron BMV-712. All monitored by ICC on Pi. My inverter specs for each inverter: Maximum PV Array Open Circuit Voltage 145 VDC Maximum PV Array Power 4000 W MPP Range @ Operating Voltage 60~115VDC Maximum Solar Charge Current 80 A Maximum AC Charge Current 60A Maximum Charge Current 140 A Panels are rated at: Rated power (Pmax), Wp 370 Max. powe
  5. Hi Coulomb, Thanks so much for the detailed answer. Ok, so from what I understand from your link, is that the Float bug occurs when the charging amps drop for more than 50 sec below (Max charge Amps /5). So if we set the max charge value as low as reasonable, this should (at least partially) negate that occurring. For instance, when Max charge current is set at say 50A per inverter, the float bug will occur when the charge current drops to below 10A for 50 seconds. But if set at 30A per inverter, this will only occur if the charging current drops to below 6A?
  6. Dear All I have browsed though the forum, and as a newbie, I have to declare myself confused! As first disclaimer - I am a novice to solar with basic understanding of battery principles. So, my setup: 3 x Axpert King 5Kva in parallel (working as single phase) (Firmware 71.9) 12 x Narada 200ah batteries (Narada 12ndt200) setup in 3 x 48V parallel 27 x 370W panels on the roof. Spec sheets of the batteries which states equalize and cycle voltages of 2.35V - 2.4v and float of 2.25V. Maximum charge current of 50A. I am concerned that my batteries a
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