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  1. How many 330w solar panels can I connect to my system. My system contains of; 2 x 5Kva Expert Inverters, 10 x 3.5Kva Pylon-tech batteries, currently I have 18 x 330w panels. My problem is I do not get enough charge to fill my batteries. I started off with 6 x batteries and added 4 extra batteries due to running out of power, I am completely of grid. Any help would be appreciated. What settings do I need to change on my inverters
  2. I am busy with a company in Randburg finding out about the Power Master PMDBC 2248 22A 48V Battery Charger, it looks like it will do the job, will give feedback on the group as soon as I have more info and maybe can test it first. Thanks for all the feedback so far
  3. Yes the AC icon comes on and flashes, the settings is right on 16, I did put a load on it, kettle, Iron, and my cut-off machine, no success, will it help if I buy a 48v li-ion battery charger and charge the batteries with the charger from the generator. Thanks for the help I appreciate it.
  4. Good Day I have a problem with my generator does not charge my batteries. My system consist of 18 x 330w panels, 2x 5Kva voltec Inverters, 6 x 3.5Kva Pylontech batteries I have connected my generator on the AC input on my master inverter, but for some or other reason it does not want to charge the batteries, the generator is a 6Kva petrol Torx 6000E generator. Any help will be appreciated, I am running the system now for a year and a half, most of the time the solar is sufficient, but when it is raining and cloudy, I need to run the generator for power, and just think it will be better if I can charge the batteries up with the generator when there is not enough sun. Thanks
  5. Hi Herman I am busy with Pilontech regarding the above, as-soon as I have an answer from them I will share it on the forum Kind Regards Kobus
  6. I have an of grid solar system, consisting of 18x330w solar panels, 2 x 5Kva Mercer expert inverters, 6 x 3,5Kva Pylon-tech batteries, I am adding a 5000w wind turbine, I have a charge controller, but it has no option to add a dump load, will this be safe to use without damaging my batteries. Can I use a separate 5Kva inverter for this instead, to control the charge of the batteries and prevent it from over charging due to the two points of charge
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