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  1. Hello PB, if you are in the Western Cape coastal region I can recommend my installer. He's no craftsman, but a reasonably priced journeyman. Let me know if this would help you.
  2. Yes, I thought there would be discussion on the subject but couldn't find it. So, doesn't that make the decision ever easier to go off-grid completely? Is it possible to tell Eskom to take their toys and duck?
  3. There is a rumour doing the rounds that Eskom propose to charge more for power delivered to anyone with solar panels. Yes, yes, I know, only a complete moron would make that kind of suggestion in our present circumstances, but I'm not judgmental! Anyone else heard this?
  4. For a professional level of software have a look at www.accasoftware.com Lots of very interesting videos on Youtube.
  5. Local man who has put in six other systems, mainly load shedding kits (no panels). I'm doing the design and municipal application work so I'm not looking for much technical knowledge, just competent handiwork. You'll hear all about it if he does a great job - and even more if he doesn't!
  6. My equipment arrived yesterday: Deye 5kW hybrid inverter, 12 x JA Solar 340W panels, 2 x Pylon 2000 batteries and Renusol roof mounting kit. Already I'm learning stuff I'd like to have known:- 1. I bought the kit as a unit on-line. The supplier's service was perfectly adequate but I'd not realised that they are drop-shippers, simply source the bits and never see them. There's nothing wrong with that (Amazon do this) but I prefer to get closer to the organ grinder. Should you have a warranty claim (heaven forfend!) you will have to make your way back up the line of smouse, with an invoice that is not in your name... I'm probably over-cautious but we've all seen suppliers scatter from claims, like swimmers who find a turd in the pool. 2. The technical support documentation for the Deye (identical for the Inge 5kW) is positively dreadful. Written in Chinglish with lots of undefined acronyms. There are a few explanatory vids on YouTube but these, likewise, are extremely difficult to understand. I've found it best to download the video and play it back (very slowly) with the sound turned off. As reported above, the Sunsynk 5.5kW has much better documentation - on reflection, the extra R2k would have been worth it. I'm pleasantly surprised by the build quality of all the kit. I'd have given my eye teeth for something German-made but that was simply unaffordable so I'm pleased with my choice. I'm not looking forward to installation... Hold thumbs for me!
  7. Button pressed! Deye 5kW hybrid possibly on its way. Interestingly, there would seem to be zero technical difference between the Deye 5kW and Sunsynk 5kW (also the Inge 5kW). According to the specifications, the Sunsynk 5.5kW "Super Parity Inverter" may have some differences but, other than some software differences evident on the LCD panel, I can identify no hardware differences. My choice was definitely influenced by the above discussion. Thank you all. I'll report back on installation and operation.
  8. Thank you to Adielk, Steve and Manilow. If you search the web for Kodak / Solis (the hybrid models) and Deye / Sunsynk (and all of their clones, there are plenty!) I seem to find that there is a ton of technical info about the D/S products. Kodak (certainly not identical to the Solis) seems to be sold only in SA and Zimbabwe and I cannot find any user feedback for the hybrid models. Youtube is pretty useful here. The clincher really is as Adielk, Steve and Manilow say, the Deye Sunsynk offers much more for your money. The question that ManiLow raises, panel rated power, is interesting. I did a calculation based on incident solar radiation which suggests that the amount of energy you can actually harvest (on average) is limited more by area covered than by panel power. My capital cost (panels plus mounting structure) per Watt harvested was lowest at about 190W/m2 (about 330W per panel). Of course, this calculation is made a nonsense by the considerations:- 1. You can really only use averages - the daily radiation could be considerably higher and you would lose that energy. 2. My figures are for coastal Western Cape. Inland and East will be completely different... 3. I used sizing and efficiencies for an average panel (from JA Solar and Canadian Solar) and there are many whose performances will be different. 4. I have lots of roof and intend adding panels in time (a point in favour of the Deye/Sunsynk) I intend to revisit this calculation to see if I can develop a relationship between panel power rating and incident radiation, accounting for some of the factors affecting efficiency of conversion. Your thought would be very welcome. Oh, and I'm informed (unofficially) that our municipality - who make a nice profit from electricity sales - are sticky about any inverter rated more than 5kW...
  9. Thank you Adiel. Those were my thoughts; however, the "Kodak Hybrid 4.6" looks much more like the Solis than the Voltronic tribe.
  10. Good evening everyone, My finger is hovering over the button to buy my home solar system and I'd really appreciate some informed opinions. The basics consist of 12 x 340W JA panels and 2 x 2.4 kWh Pylons, with a hybrid inverter - and I've narrowed the choice to either the Deye (Sunsynk) 5kW or the Kodak 4.6kW Hybrid. The Kodak would seem to be a South African product, appearing nowhere else in the world... That's not comforting. I believe that it is a rebadged Solis; should that calm my nerves? What about their relative reliability? Supplier / manufacturer support? If anyone has experience to share I'd be very grateful. Whilst I'm here, any thoughts on installation costs? It is a fairly simple install, panels on a single pitched corrugated roof with clear access to the main db and plenty of space for the inverter and batteries within 3m. Your thoughts, ladies and gentlemen, would be valued.
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