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  1. Thank you for the info, do you have their contact details? any specific person to ask for? are they in Jhb? I'm planning to add eight more panels and two more Pylons before end of the year but I'm worried about this low charging current
  2. Been asking myself the same question. I have used Y connectors and they work fine. If worried about over current, then you can protect the wires with inline fuse.
  3. I haven't tried that, I just followed the installation instructions for parallel installation of the two inverters and Pylontech document. I have no errors nor alarms and all is working fine. Try one cable and give feedback, would be interesting to see whether it works. Another thing that I have noticed, one inverter doesn't stay as master all the time, they alternate. Not sure why or if its only my ones that are doing that
  4. The communication cable between the two batteries should be connected between link port 1 on a Master battery and link port 0 on the slave. Also, ensure that your dip switches on the master battery are set as 1 0 0 0, Number one should be ON and the rest OFF. only one communication cable is needed, from the battery to the inverter and it should be connected to the master battery. You will need a network spliter, to split this one cable into two sothat you can have one going to Master inverter and the second one going to the slave inverter. The spliter is about R100 from RS components
  5. I'm running two 5kw Growatt inverters with Pylons, works hundreds. No issues with BMS and everything works as it is supposed to work. I think the issue is support but if you give yourself enough time and play around with the settings, you will get right. For the price you pay for the inverters, they work pretty well
  6. I was crossing my fingers that you get a solution that works. Planning to add more panels and few more batteries to my system in the near future but if this will be a waste, then i might have to look at getting two new inverters and selling my Growatt ones
  7. strange, I have my geyser timer for almost six years now and it is working fine. No issue with the LCD display at all and it is one of the budget timers. The brand is MAJOR Tech. Is your display under direct sunlight?
  8. if you want more amps, you will have to connect them as 3 strings of 2 panels. Then you will get roughly 30 amps
  9. If I had seen this threat before getting my solar system, i would have missed out on cheap inverters that works pretty well for their price. I have two 5Kva Growatt inverters, eight 405kw PV and two 2.4Kwh pylontech and not much to complain about. Growatt is not perfect but it does the job and in my opinion, good value for the money
  10. Hi Guys. I'm not sure if I'm the only one experiencing this issue. When my wifi router is re-booted, I lose connectivity and have to reconfigure my shine wifi dongle over again. This issue has started recently and never used to do this before. And for some reason, I have to configure this datalogger/ shine wifi dongle, a couple of times before it can be online again.
  11. I don't have one yet, still going to look around
  12. Do I have to drain the water from the geyser before replacing the element? I want to change mine too and heat the water through out the day
  13. They are not shaded, yep the SW arrays gives more power from 07:30 up to 14:30. after that the NE stays around 950w when the SW drops to lower power. They are connected in series parallel. I have two panels connected in series and then connect in parallel to another set of two series connected. Yep 4 per array
  14. Thanks for the info, much appreciated. It looks like I will have to install more panels to make up for the loss
  15. I'm Using two Growatt SPF5000TL, they come with integrated MPPT. Yep, the power is too low and would like to increase that. Any advice?
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