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  1. Chocolate blocks inside sealed termination box will be ok. Find a suitable place to mount the termination box and you should be good to go
  2. Contact Amos, he is the one who has helped me with queries so far and he responds to emails. [email protected]
  3. They are PV panels but because of the rainy/cloudy weather, their temperature is cool/cold when compared to when it is sunny
  4. Thank you for the photos bro, this looks like high quality build. Not what we have seen on a post that was made a while back, bashing Pylons. Out of interest, did the insurance pay out for the replacement batteries after you went to the supplier for the second time, to confirm damaged cells?
  5. hoohloc


    You can just use this https://www.inverter-warehouse.co.za/collections/solar-inverters-1/products/zuva-back-up-box
  6. Even got to separate AC and DC wiring. Now Dc wires runs in a separate trunking but at one point they still cross. It is impossible to completely separate them. I have added more isolators so that if one inverters gets blown again, it can easily be isolated so that one that is still good can run the house.
  7. Late update, got the Main Board from China and had to do the swap out myself because the supplier was either too scared to do the job or they just didn't have a clue as to where to start. All is ok now and I have my two inverters up and running
  8. It is amazing how one person can receive bad service from a supplier and another receive outstanding one. I have had good dealings with inverter warehouse on the few times I have dealt with them, my goods delivered on time and never had to phone or email them. Once I paid and order confirmed, I just sent whatsApp text to arrange the date and time for delivery
  9. got my hands on one of these and they work like a charm. I'm glad I can switch on and switch of my geyser from any where but the Mrs is not impressed
  10. out of interest, in a normal house hold set up, which appliances and how many of them will you have to switch on to reach 100A draw of the batteries? because in most cases you will use batteries for your lights, wifi router, Tv, mobile phone charging etc. I can have a stack of 8 x Pylons and still use a 21mm2 cable without any worry of over heating the cable. Even with all my lights on I will never reach 90A, let alone 160A Is my system safe? Yes it is safe because I will never ever get to draw over 100A from my battery bank
  11. No need to make it personal, I have no doubt that there is a market out there for Hubble and they will grow. Pylontech is here to stay, not going anywhere any time soon. Buyers are influenced by many factors when making a purchase and as seen from this post, I'm not the only one who thinks Pylons are the best and good value for money. Even with the 25mm2 cable packs
  12. Out of interest, what is the price of Hubble? Pylon US2000 currently is selling for R13490 and US3000c going for R18450. Battery cable kit R290, availability in my area? Plenty of places selling and have lots in stock. No need to wait for them to be shipped from the other end of the country to where I am. Besides the forum store, who sells these Hubble? first time I heard of them on this post
  13. Maybe one day when Hubbles have proven them selves in the near future, will consider them. For now, Pylons all the way
  14. Increase installation cost by R300? use batteries that have been proven to be reliable, that is positive enough for me. I'll be adding more this year, need a minimum of 8 because I can stack eight on one bank I wouldn't say they are unsafe, i was responding to the question of 4 x US3000c with one cable pack. If you as an installer, see that your system is going to be pushing over 100A constantly, then to be safe, use the second pair and double up. The option is there, Pylontech is a manufacture, not an installation company and it is based in China where it might be considered safe to
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