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  1. Nope, only that they need to be earthed
  2. I don't think that there is Growatt SA, technical support is offered by the guys in china
  3. Don't know much about that but I have CoC. The requirements can be impractical at times, how do you separate DC and AC wires in that trunking which is below the inverters?
  4. From the photos, I would say Yes. I also have them in the same trunking
  5. If I may ask, how did you come up with 1.7Kw? and which Pylontech battery are you talking about? the 2.4Kw one or the 3.5Kw?
  6. If you are in jhb, can you do this modification for me? and how much will you charge?
  7. Hi! if you are in jhb, you might have to re look at your pricing if you want the panels to go quick. New 405kw panels goes for R1990 https://www.inverter-warehouse.co.za/products/jinko-solar-panel-cheetah-405w-mono-perc
  8. Don't give up, take him to small claims court. Did you open a case at the police station? You have all his details and proof of payment.
  9. Main board blown, but now they want to replace the board instead of supplying a new inverter No information on why it blew or what may have caused the issue. So I just have to cross my fingers and hope the new board doesn't blow up too.
  10. Hi Kevin, contact Amos from Growatt, so far he is the only person who has tried to assist me with my inverter so far. his email address is [email protected]
  11. Supplier is opening tomorrow, crossing fingers that they just replace my inverter without giving me a hustle
  12. hoohloc

    Pylontech SOC

    They say not to discharge below 20%, so if it shortens the cycles as per datasheet you can do warranty claim. Their warranty is 10 years if you have registered the battery with them. 35% every night is safe in my honest opinion
  13. If you are in JHB, you can get a 4 bay cabinet for R2k9. https://www.inverter-warehouse.co.za/products/pylontech-us3000-battery-4-bay-cabinet?_pos=2&_sid=2638e7740&_ss=r
  14. What I have done at my place, put a relay and supply the coil with power from the grid. Use normally open contact on your pool pump supply, that way when there is the grid power, the relay will be ON, contact will be closed and your pool pump supplied. During loadshedding, the relay will switch OFF and thus in-turn open the contact and switch off supply to your pump.
  15. I can help with the solar cable answer, there is absolutely no need to put PV cable inside a conduit. Especially in the ceiling when they are well protected against weather elements
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