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  1. As promised, below are more photos of the installation. These Growatt inverters works like a charm Looks like I'm going to need more panels. I have used the 4 x 405w panels and selected SOL as priority. Now the issue is that, when solar power is not enough, it start using the batteries and only switch back to the grid when there is no solar or when the battery voltage is too low. Wish it could only switch to the batteries when there is no mains/grid
  2. Busy installing a second inverter now, will upload photos asap
  3. Thanks for the advice, will have to pull out the 4mm and replace it with 10mm. Alternatively, I can just use the second 4mm to power up the second inverter so that each inverter has its own 4mm cable supplying AC and then use the 10mm, bridged at the inverter output, to supply power to the DB from the inverters. In that way, it will be like having 8mm cable supplying the inverters
  4. Mine is OK, I think you need to enable setting 24 so that your neutral and grounding can be connected together. When the grid is disconnected, I get around zero volts between my neutral and earth, when I measure with a multimeter. That is good enough for me
  5. Thank you for the comment @Louisvdw, much appreciated. You are correct, the 4mm2 wires is the neutral and live wires connecting the DB to the inverter. The breakers are of the correct sizes but was worried about the size of the cable/wires, when powering the whole house after adding the second inverter. The wire must be able to carry supply for all the plugs, lights, geyser and stove. Looks like I will have to pull out the 4mm2 cable and replace it with a bigger one
  6. Hi Guys, I'm new to the forum and I have just done my first back up installation. Initially my intentions was to do a back up installation just for loadshedding. But now I see that it will be a waste if I don't add solar panels to the system. I have installed 1xGrowatt SPF5000TL-HVM and 2x Pylontech US2000 2.4Kwh batteries. The plan is to add a second Inverter and at least 4 solar panels for now and increase the capacity when/if needed. I'm not a qualified Electrician nor an installer, but I have a solid Electrical engineering background. I'm not a specialist and I 'm new to solar installations, so I will be coming to you guys for some advice. I'm currently using 4mm2 wires to supply power to the inverter and from the inverter to supply load. The stove and geyser is not wired to the inverter, only lights and plugs are currently wired. With the addition of the second inverter, I'm going to wire the geyser and stove too. My question, will the 4mm2 wires used to supply my load, be ok to power everything including the geyser and stove? Or should I get a 6mm2? Once the installation is complete, I'm going to have to get an Electrician to come and inspect the whole house wiring and issue a CoC. Can you recommend a good electrician in Johannesburg, Randburg area?
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