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  1. The specs on the sticker will say if it is an 18A or 22A version
  2. I daisy-chained two 150l at my previous place in a solar setup. Water from both geysers would flow through the solar collector, but only the last geyser (which fed the house) had an element connected to it.
  3. Once a week to 50% should do very nicely.
  4. Very nice! Where about are you (and Dylan) located?
  5. Ah, I forgot you're commited to the 3-phase situation. That really does drive the hybrid prices up quite a bit. Not only on the inverter, but on the battery side too. My home is currently wired 3ph, but I'll be switiching to a single phase when I roll out the solar install.
  6. The price differential between a grid-tie and hybrid isn't that big. Personally, I'd suggest you get the hybrid inverter now and wire it as a grid-tie. You can then pretty easily add batteries at a later stage. Switiching out the inverter later is much more effort (and I think more expensive) than starting with the right hardware.
  7. Their 5G inverters are 3ph hybrid, yes. Downside is they work off of high voltage battery, so you need to fork out a pretty penny for that.
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