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  1. Does anyone know if the Solis 3P hybrid's are avaiable in SA as yet?
  2. They say simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This is such an elegent (and easy) solution. Thanks
  3. Fantastic thread - thanks everyone! We've put in an offer on a new place and if the bank comes to the party will be moving in early next year. The new place has three geysers (one for the bathrooms, one for kitchen and one for outside flat). I plan to retrofit all three to solar, and since three geyserwise units will be pretty pricey I'm looking at possibly DIY-ing a solution to turn on the geyser element based upon time and temp (i.e. if not warm enough by 5pm). The other nb function of the geyserwise is to turn on the circulation pump when appoaching freezing temp to prevent flat panels from
  4. Would these all feed to the same MPPT?
  5. Thanks for this. I saw they were on special at Banggood, and I've wanted to give that site a try, so I ordered two from there. Hope they arrive!
  6. Now I can't find any stock... Anyone know where I could find a POW R2 (the 15A one)?
  7. Did anyone end up installing a Sonoff R2 on a pool pump?
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