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  1. Each discharge to 60% is 40% of one cycle. Doing this 2.5x would equate to 1 cycle.
  2. What inverter do you have?
  3. Would either of you mind sharing with me too?
  4. Half the size (big win), double the price (big oops).
  5. Speedster


    You might find the thread on those so-called "super capacitor" products enlightening.
  6. Anybody who is event remotely close to implementing this would be able to do this calculations themselves, so I'm not sure what you're after here? Is it just some mental gymnastics?
  7. Just check the battery specs for the Solis. I know some of their 5G models use HV batteries, which means you need at least 3 or 4 battery modules off the bat.
  8. Speedster


    Not sure about MPPT repair, but I think those panels were probably meant to be wired in parallel.
  9. On the power question I'm not sure a 7Ah will be sufficient as that only gives you 42 Wh (at 50% DoD). Assuming your camera uses about 5W (it could be less) that equates to about 8 hours. You might want to consider one of the DC UPS things (ratel, UltraLan etc) or otherwise a small solar panel and charge controller for the 7Ah.
  10. Depends where? 500MW is going to require a lot of wind, or a lot of turbines.
  11. Your numbers don't add up. You say that idle use is 24W, but the components you've listed are 80W. Anyway, 1% of your 4.8kWh battery is 48Wh. In other words your battery is providing 48W average draw per hour, and hence depleting by 48Wh each hour.
  12. As above, definitively consider the Hubble. However, I do believe one can limit the max battery draw on that inverter so that shouldn't be an issue.
  13. Also Pylon now has the UP5000 too. Which did you opt for?
  14. The specs on the sticker will say if it is an 18A or 22A version
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