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  1. Thanks so much for your feedback. I will start getting funds for both 2 x panels and another battery perhaps a pylon 3000C
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    Good day, I would like to know twice during loadshedding did my one Pylontech run completely flat? I have a 5kw Kodak King inverter ( Yes I know I need more battery times are tough in the process of acquiring additional batteries) this morning I awoke to no power at all. Had to restart the Pylontech and inverter. Is this normal? My reason for asking is I am not always at home and would like power to be restored as soon as loadshedding ends. Also another question is my inverter and Pylontech is installed in an outdoor cabinet, but I can see the temps of the battery is a
  3. Good day Guys, I just want to ask a question regarding Solar. I currently have a Axpert King Inverter and a PolynTech US2000 Battery. I use this currently as a back for when Loadshedding happens. All is working fine and no issues. My Question is because of funds, would it be possible to start with 2 x 415w panels and gradually add more? This could be to charge the battery incase of loadshedding or even run a few items on solar in the day. More panels will be added when the funds become available. Thanks.
  4. Thanks coulomb, Basically, the port got damaged when I tried to move the inverter. The actual plug broke off inside the removable Display unit.
  5. Question will this work? https://www.communica.co.za/products/de9s-8ce I can then Crimp the RJ 45 on the one side and the other the RJ11?
  6. Good day Gents, My inverters USB port on the display got damage. Can a replacement be bought or would I be able to fix it?
  7. Good day, Does anyone know of a shop in Pretoria preferably in the East where I can Buy RJ11 Connector? Would like to create my own Polytech Cable.
  8. Good day, Do you think that a 12U outdoor Cabinet will house a Kodak King inverter as well as a Pylontech 20000 battery? This is the cabinet in question. https://scoop.co.za/scoop-12u-450mm-deep-outdoor-cabinet-with-2-fans.html Please let me know. Reason is I want to install the inverter and Pylontech outside.
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