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  1. Thanks Was it empty? I think testing with an empty container will do this. You could fill it with water to the level you would use it and test it outside. I don't think you need a full vacuum to remove bubbles from a liquid so you could run a shorter time and just keep it stable.
  2. 10.37kw of solar panels. Its not ideally mounted as its on a 10° angle on my carport. Summer should see better results.
  3. I've been running my 8kw sunsynk for nearly a year now and have never had the inverter derate the output. There are two temp sensors on the inverter one on the AC side and another on the dc side. The AC temp sensor switches the fan on when it reaches 50° and off again when it does to 45°. The fan only runs during this time. Graph below showing temp going up and down as the fan switches on and off.
  4. Interested in one of those if you willing to make one up. Not for solar use but I've started beekeeping and was looking at getting one to get air bubbles out of the honey after extraction. I use the same bucket for my honey so that's actually the perfect size. Willing to pay for it is its not too much effort to make another one. Also source for the pump.
  5. Official pylontech training manual. Can't recall where I got it. Also your battery cable will run cooler with double cables. I have 4 pylontech us3000 batteries and since adding the second cable pack, the cables are hardly warm under full load. Pylontech 195006_PDF1.pdf
  6. Batteries should have double cables when you have 4 or more batteries.
  7. Almost perfect bell curve pv production from Friday.
  8. Is it a sunsynk technician or your installer? There are a number of posts on this forum where installers have no idea how to correctly install the sunsynk and especially where to place the CT coil. The CT coil need to be installed immediately after the prepaid meter on the live wire. If its on the live wire before the inverter then it's only picking up the loads on the inverter. It's a simple fix and I would do this before going through the process of installing a bidirectional meter. Depending on where the prepaid meter is and where the CT is currently installed, it should take less than 5 minutes.
  9. If the CT is installed and working correctly, there is no need to move the geyser to the essential side. The CT will pick up any current going back to the grid and throttle the inverter. In the system work mode you should set a tick in zero export and unticked limit to load. The CT will then not allow the inverter to feed any power to the prepaid meter. Maybe I'm just not getting why your inverter is sending power back to the prepaid meter if the CT is working and installed correctly.
  10. Not sure how the Deye interface looks but you need to remove the tick from the synch time option.
  11. Discharge rate of the battery would determine the minimum number of batteries. Pylontech if rated at 0.5C so you will need 16kw of pylontech batteries to the 8kw sunsynk. Hubble is 1C so you only need 8kw of hubble batteries. It does not mean that the inverter cannot run with less batteries.
  12. The fault codes do not clear at its a history of the fault codes. You have too little batteries for the 8kw sunsynk inverter. What happened was that the BMS limits the discharge to 37A per battery. That equates to 3.4kw for two batteries. Your load must have gone higher than this for the inverter to give that error. I've had it a couple of times in my 8kw with 3 us3000 batteries. I now have 4 pushing the max discharge to 6.8kw. 5 x US3000 batteries is ideal. It's not the SOC that caused the error but the amount of power that was drying drawn from the batteries.
  13. Unticked time of use. It should then automatically supply the ups loads of the grid goes down.
  14. Yes. With no pv it will take what it needs from the grid. If the CT coil is installed correctly, then excess pv will go to the non essential loads of you remove the tick from zero to load.
  15. I'm on the list but have not yet received any feedback yet. I will update when I do.
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