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  1. It is a cool feature Basically you can leave your high draw appliances before the grid so in the event of load shedding only your essential loads will run from batteries.
  2. What fixed the issue?
  3. The grid connection on the inverter is bidirectional. The only way it can supply loads before the inverter is with an external CT clamp connected before all loads on the grid feed. Grid - >CT sensor - >loads - >inverter - >essential loads Without the CT the inverter will not know what the load demands are before the inverter in order to feed excess pv to these loads.
  4. I have the 8kw sunsynk and had the same issue. I connected the positive to 3 and negative to 5 and it worked for me.
  5. I have a copy of the Modbus information from sunsynk of you're interested.
  6. I have the same inverter running for nearly 2 months now. It has two outputs. The main load output and an aux output. You can put your non essentials on the aux and it will send power to the aux even if the grid is available. Batteries are costly but I found that having the batteries is a better option. I opted for 3 pylontech US3000 batteries. Get the data logger. Its sold separately and allows remote monitoring. More than happy to share my experience.
  7. That is pretty cool. I saw the Modbus info from sunsynk in another post but I have no idea what to do with it. My can port is occupied by the battery bms cable for my pylontech. Will be interested in getting something similar directly from the inverter.
  8. I have the 8kw sunsynk inverter and its brilliant for what I need. My usage is also about 45kwh per day and I'm currently generating on a normal day with no clouds in the region of 37kw. Still have some tweaking to do on my system. Current panel configuration. 2 strings of 7 panels on MPPT 1 1 string of 11 panels on MPPT 2 Giving me a total of 7.6kw of panels.
  9. You will need to post some of the screens to see what they are. I have a sunsynk with the only real difference being the UI.
  10. The screenshots are based on device. I chafed it over the weekend to calculation method.
  11. Following as i also have the sunsynk with 3 x 3.5kWh pylontech batteries.
  12. I think you can ac couple the sunnyboy on the aux input of the SunSynk inverter for additional capacity.
  13. This is mine from the Solarman Smart app on the screenshot below. My data from the inverter touchscreen. Battery Discharge = 10.8kwh Battery Charge = 7.0kwh Solar production = 23.5kwh Grid buy = 24.5 Solarman is not reporting the battery charge and discharge values. It is however recording the correct values in the detailed reports.
  14. Very happy with my choice. Support could be better. Can't comment on other brands as I've not used them. It's a true hybrid and does everything it says it does. I don't think anything can compete in its price range. Practically plug and play with nothing extra needed I went for the 8kw inverter as I wanted my whole house on the inverter.
  15. Why does the Solarman app show battery discharge of 13kwh. Have you tried the Solarman Smart app? But I do feel that it's the way the inverter is sending out data to Solarman and its not configured correctly. Sunsynk should just create their own monitoring platform and not rely on a third party solution.
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