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  1. All of the apps have the same refresh rate. I have them all installed.
  2. When you get it post a pic of the label on the inverter. That max DC power is incorrect as it can take 10 500w of solar panels.
  3. Basically if the grid is ticked then it is the target for grid charging and if there is no tick then its the minimum SOC that the batteries will no longer be used. No tick on 40% will use batteries to 40% SOC. Tick in grid charge will result in batteries being charged from the grid until they reach 40%.
  4. Do you have any equipment that actually runs on 3 phase? Have you measured your load to determine the actual current draw of your single phase appliances. 3 phase for a purely domestic installation is normally not required and simply there because the house was initially setup as 3 phase.
  5. You should open the front panel on the inverter and find two LAN ports marked as CAN and RS485.
  6. I also have a cottage I'm renting out thats running from my inverter. First thing I did before getting the tenants was to put in a gas stove and oven. They have a 30l under counter geyser for their shower and kitchen which seems to work fine instead of the on demand hot water systems. My daily usage including my tenants is 35kwh per day. I also installed a private prepaid meter for them so they are now much more aware of their electricity usage. Cooking on gas works out better as you don't need to wait for a plate to get hot. Pots and pans are hot enough to cook fairly quickly instead of
  7. You could put 10 panels on a string on each MPPT to get to about 400v. You can then connect connect another string in parallel which will give just over 19A. The inverter will clip the amps down to 18A but voltage should always be under 500v. 32 panels should get you to 10 400w if you have the roof space. I would put 16 panels on each MPPT. 8 panels per string with two strings in parallel on each MPPT.
  8. I thought I was a heavy user. What's your load during this time that your batteries are drained by 22:00? Till what SOC do you run your batteries to? Your 12kwh batteries last you only about 4 hours from sunset to 22:00. I have 2kwh more battery capacity at 14kwh and they last me till 4:00 in the morning running them down to 25% SOC.
  9. The max input power is the max solar panel wattage that you can connect. You want to spec it to within the mppt range. 125v is the minimum at which the mppt will start to work. 500v is the maximum but you want to stay will below this. 400v is probably the best. What's the Voc and amps of the panels? I have 34 x 305w Canadian solar panels on my 8kw sunsynk.
  10. Sunsynk is testing their 12kw 3 phase inverters. Maybe try contacting one of their local agents to find out a release date for SA.
  11. Which sunsynk do you have? Can't comment on the 3D printer but I'm running my 4kw geyser from my 8kw sunsynk, a couple of water pumps and aircons without any flickering of lights.
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