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  1. HI ALL I have created a FB page with all the photos on there https://www.facebook.com/Badges-DIY-PowerWall-stuff-110343660784740/?modal=admin_todo_tour
  2. HI All I am selling off all of my DIY Powerwall items I am based in Gauteng but can ship anywhere I have attached a few pics and the full list of what i have If you are interested give me a shout Badge Battery stuff 1.xlsx
  3. HI Hoz I am selling off all of my DIY power wall stuff have a long list of items including, Laptop battery packs, I just counted and i have 160 packs, I also have a whole bunch of tested 18650 batteries ranging from 1000mah to 2600mah, not finished counting them but thats close to 800 cells Im based in Joburge give me a shout if you are interested Badge
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