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  1. Dear members Regrettably we have to inform you that the BSLB 10.2 KW Special has ended you can contact us for pricing.
  2. Hi All we running a load-shedding special on the BSLB 10.2kWh Power Wall Battery. Stock is limited Please visit: https://powerforum-store.co.za/products/bslb-10-2-kwh-51v-power-wall-lithium-battery PF Store
  3. https://powerforum-store.co.za/collections/batterys/products/hubble-lithium-s-100-12-8v-1-2kwh The S-100 is a 1C 100Ah lithium battery designed to be a drop in replacement for existing Lead Acid or Gel batteries. The S-100 has a integrated BMS inside the battery container, which also contain the prismatic lithium cells. The S-100 can be connected up to 4 times in series maximum. You can configure the batteries in 12V, 24V, 36V or 48V in series. It is important to note that there are two versions of this battery: • The older Hubble S-100 (with serial # prefixes starting with DS) can be configured in series or parallel, but not both simultaneously. This means that one or more older Hubble S100s can be configured: o Series: 1, 2, 3 or 4 batteries; OR o Parallel: Up to 15 batteries only in 12V configuration. • The newer Hubble S-100 batteries (with serial # prefixes starting with HL) can be configured up to 4 batteries in series with 4 batteries in parallel. o This means that a bank of 16 batteries can be configured at 48V, with a maximum discharge and charge rate of 400A and 200A respectively 12.8V 1.2KWh Rating: 1C Maximum continuous discharge: 100Amp Cells: 2nd life prismatic LiFePO4 Series: 1, 2, 3 or 4 batteries Parallel: Up to 15 batteries only in 12V configuration Communication: None CAN Bus: No RIOT Cloudlink Ready: No hubble_lithium_s-100_a4_pamphet_v2.2.pdf
  4. Hi All. As attached please find the attached - June 2021 Price list. We aim to provide the best costs available. Regards Power-forum Team PF Prices PDF.pdf
  5. Hi Guys Sadly the Hubble special has now come to an end you can contact me directly I can give you reasonable prices on the battery and the whole range that is available regards Sales Power Forum Store
  6. Yes @Dani I can still do the Special for you guys for the moment Regards Sales
  7. Hello @JohanM Yes I can still supply you the battery at that price also I can possibly give you a better price on your intended inverter and all the peripherals you may need with it. You are welcome to contact me via email [email protected] or phone or whats app on 0742189845 or Phone 021 276 2975 I would gladly assist you Regards Steve
  8. Please do find the attached Hubble Lithium Product Sheet (PDF) and our contact details. R24 700 Inclusive of VAT Sincerely Power Forum Store Hubble Lithium AM-2 A4 Pamphlet.pdf
  9. Hello Johan we apologize for the delay with your quote You will receive it today and the Price is still valid for you. Regards Power Forum Store
  10. 550 Due: 04 Jan 2021 594 Due: 11 Jan 2021 Very good Price do not know if it will stay the same for 2021
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