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  1. I would love to do this at my house, a specially for the night when the wind blows.
  2. Hey all I did the 2s-2p and it didn't work. I had to pay more in on grid. so now I have it back to 3s1p and it works well. ok, I don't have 12 panels. I did the same panels at my parents house and it runs in a 3s2p with no problems.
  3. Hello all. Does this cable config work on the Pylon battery to Axpert king inverter and for how long is that system running for now?
  4. wow, that is amazing. I wish I could get some of those batteries for the house. My batteries is old and can't keep the house off grid at night for more then 45 minutes.
  5. Nice, love the batteries. how is the transfer time? (Transfer time <= 10ms) do you even see the transfer or is it only if you run from grid?
  6. Hi @George26 Look at Pylon Tech Batteries. 10 to 16 years or 6000 cycles.
  7. awesome. Please keep sending pics
  8. Thank you @Coulomb I did my searching and I need to buy external software to control the Inverter and the Pylon Battery. I did run it on SBU with the User setting but got a fault error. Then I change the system back to SUB.
  9. Good day On the King Inverter 5kva. We have one Pylon Tech Battery. To run it on SBU must I plug the com cable in or can it run without it?
  10. Wow, this is what I'm looking for, for the King Inverter. Is this open source and can I get a copy?
  11. very awesome. I just worried of the wire you'll use. are you using 2.5 mm wire from the relay to the geyser?
  12. So I have change my system toe 2S2P. watts is still low, will need to move the panels to get the angel correct.
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