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  1. Hi I'm running the software on one of my installation on 5 kva King inverter with 2 pylontech batteries . Very nice software and like all the options that is available and very user friedly. I know the owners very will.
  2. I don't see any problem with your setup. faulty inverter that not 100% fix I think. Just need to see the AC surge arrestors labels and also the DC box? Please
  3. Eina! they smoking you, I think. Building a new system up with that cost. You have all the stuff already. Kings are not so expensive, just saying!
  4. I'm don't like them. They are expensive and if not installed correctly they can case more problems, Your Pylontech batteries are still good? They are a lekker size, I think together @ 300amph+- . 3x king inverters with it own phase and connected to the same batteries and each has it own pv array will be awesome.
  5. Do you really need 3 phase power? King inverters are amazing and go up to 9 units.
  6. can you take a Close up of them with the labels? need to read the descriptions
  7. I think (Correct me is I'm wrong as I'm learning.) Did you had no power/load-shedding from Eskom, and when the power comeback the inverter pop? I think Eskom screwed up and drop the neutral and the voltage when up. Yes your inverter is suppose to handle it but been in for so many repairs the people didn't fix it 100% correctly? Send photos of the AC surge protecting units?>
  8. I like the King Inverter 5 kva. What Batteries do you have in mind?
  9. Hi, Reading this makes me want hit the wall. I can see that the battery cable is less that 2 meters.
  10. I need more information on the wiring to the BD Board. Are you base in SA? Can you take closer photos on the labels of the Isolate switch on the DC side? This breaker the mains or the inverter>? I'm trying to see why you have problems. want to help.
  11. Super solar school Prerequisites None. The course is open to all participants who want to gain knowledge in solar PV. Maths skills on matric level are recommended to be able to follow the course. https://solar-training.org/events/5-supersolarschool/region-ZA/ ----------------------------------------- SAPVIA PV Assessment https://solar-training.org/events/26-sapvia-pv-assessment/region-ZA/ Prerequisites Can't see.
  12. Hello. Who did the installation? You? This inverter feed-in excess energy into the grid. Can you induct where is the inverter input and the return from the inverter? What breaker are that? AC or DC? I'm I blind or where is the Fuses?
  13. Make sure its a normally close contactor.. Then if sonoff drops it will still stay close.
  14. https://dc-components.com/category/dc-contactors/
  15. +1 = True Look for DC contactors at 300 amps.
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