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  1. Hello Are you winning with your solar setup?
  2. Hey.. I like and want to look into this. Can you maybe share some photos of you setup? Thank you
  3. One of these guys? The keto disconnect is very good product and I like to install them by the batteries to the inverter. This small fuse holders work well and you get dc breakers for pv.
  4. Just remember to add disconnect fuse box DC Switch between the PV and Inverter. extra safety is not wrong.
  5. Hi I was thinking/dreaming if I can run a Victron MPPT 150/35 with my King Inverter 5KVA to charge the batteries? My batteries is 4x 12v 240ah omni power. I want to add more panels on my roof to charge the batteries, when the King panels is not getting sun yet. Like in the mornings.
  6. would you leave it on 0.0v(Full)? or 55.2v
  7. oh. I have battery balancers from Victron Energy on my batteries.
  8. Hi ok. cool maybe @Coulomb can help or someone. lol watchpowerv1.14
  9. Hi. So what is the best settings for the Omni Power 240ah 48v for the king inverter 5kva? Float: 55.2v Bulk Charging Volt: 58.8v Max charging amps: 40a Back to charge volt: 49.0v Battery cut-off voltage: 48.8v Back to discharge voltage: 0.0v (ful){in the book it says full} hmm?
  10. Hi, Thank you. I just wanted to make sure that I will need to new batteries.
  11. Hi team So with all the bad load shedding times, My wife was still making food and wanted to use the oven. So I connected the generator and switch over the change-over switch, the change-over is before the King inverter. so I start the generator(7kw) and all good. I could here the inverter is changing the batteries. when I walk in the kitchen I saw that my red surge plug LED's is wrong. so I went and switch off the generator. I check my invertor and the is shows Bypass mode. I have to switch off my invertor and backup to take it out of bypass mode. all my colors was correctly connect and the earth was connected. I thing the generator is wired the wrong way or should I put a earth pin in and connect my earth to the pin?
  12. Hi, can you do Equalization on the omni power batteries?
  13. Hi I'm running the software on one of my installation on 5 kva King inverter with 2 pylontech batteries . Very nice software and like all the options that is available and very user friedly. I know the owners very will.
  14. I don't see any problem with your setup. faulty inverter that not 100% fix I think. Just need to see the AC surge arrestors labels and also the DC box? Please
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