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  1. There are a couple of solutions available my opinion is a little baised when it comes to inverters. Axpert clone inverters are definately not what I would recommend for your application. Lets face it your inverter is the corner stone of your whole solar power system so choosing the correct inverter is very important. Future expandability also plays a major factor. So before we look at solar panels and batteries I would recommend you look at the following options The Victron Multiplus series inverters are very good but a comple 3 phase package will cost the price of a small farm they work very
  2. Yes that is correct however the explenation is just to give a basic Idea SMA also offers similar tech to Victron but what you say is 100%
  3. Exciting stuff glad you took the plunge with that setup you won't look back those 6.4 KW BSL Bull batteries are beasts!! Lifepo4 technology. Great choice on the inverter and solar panels too... your a lucky man!!
  4. A True Hybrid Inverter like the 5 kw Sunsynk or Deye inverter has Different modes it can function in. As an example say you start with the Inverter and Panels only then the Sunsynk inverter functions like a Grid tied inverter which means when eskom is on and as an example you have a 6.5 KW Solar array and on the roof all your ac loads that you have will be supplimented by the 6.5KW solar array any excess power produced will be pushed back into the grid however these inverters come with a CT clamp that must be connected where the utility supply comes in with this the inverter can controll how m
  5. Indeed if your solar array is not earthed and installed correctly using spd and fuses besides properly earthed solar arrays will have a measure of protection against lightning and the risk of destroying your expensive inverter and batteries are also reduced. Insurance companies will not pay your claim sadly many so called professional installers do not bother to earth solar arrays or even install fuses and spd devices between the panels and the Mppts also they neglect to install fuses between the batteries and the inverter. The client suffers the damages at the end of the day..
  6. Technically speaking conditions that will affect the life of your Lithium Iron Phosphate battery more is high tempreture and high charge rates however your systems Bms will controll charge rates and discharge rates there is one school of thought that claims you need give your battery a deep cycle once in a while however there is no rule of thumb on exactly how often you need to do that. The other school says let the BMS manage that and cycle the batteries according to your needs this will inadvertently achieve the same goal. However if you look at the Cycle curves of Lithium Iron Phosphate bat
  7. Very interresting so the Pylontech batteries have not failed yet and is still performing within spec not the same can be said for powerwall.
  8. The less and more shalow you cycle the battery the longer the lifespan so option A would be the best choice Pylontech batteries have excellent performance for shalow charge and discharge rates.
  9. Awesome choice the Pylontech batteries are very good you can't go wrong there.
  10. Well that is a good question there are a couple of reasons that is necessary. One reason is for a measure lightning protection so there is a short as possible route for the electrical current from a lightning strike to travel. Electricity always flows to the shortest route. Secondly transformer less high frequency inverters Transformer less inverters require the solar panels on the roof and the framing system they are installed on to be earthed. This is due to the fact that transformer less inverters can potentially allow some AC voltage to the DC side (the solar panel side) of the solar pow
  11. Those Mecer inverters are high frequency modified sine wave inverters and they do not do well powering electric motors that surges up to 3 or 4 times their rating when they start up. Your better option would have been a Pure sine low frequency inverter like a little victron 1200 there are also other brands available that are low frequency inverters. Low frequency inverters can handle 3 times their rating for a couple of seconds where high frequency inverters can handle double their rating for a couple of milliseconds. Thats why your garage motors don't work of that inverter also the Mecer 1200
  12. Wow that is awesome I support your cause in helping discarded pets this is very noble of you Jason! It makes me proud to be a part of this forum.
  13. Good advice rather look at adding a Victron inverter with battery bacup into the mix.
  14. I can't comment on the brand name my response would be baised but vertical axis wind turbines especially cheap china models are know to break appart under high wind speeds due to the high inertia on the outside of the rotors there are very few successful vertical axis wind turbines available in SA the reasons for that is the high cost and maintenance required.
  15. The reason for the extra weight is the transformer in the infinisolar plus the Puls has a large copper tranformer which makes it a low frequency inverter these type of inverters can handle large surges typically 3 times their rating and for a couple of seconds the light weight model is a high frequency inverter an typicaly can only handle double its rating for a couple of milliseconds which means the plus can take a lot more abuse. Victron inverters as an example are all low frequency inverters thats one of the reasons they are so robust and reliable.
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