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  1. Seems like I missed out on a great Discussion sofar many valid points mentioned sofar.. however the most important thing for me is what happens after the warranty is over will I still be able to have my Pylontech / Hubble /Blue Nova / Revov etc serviced repaired or refurbished?
  2. Wow that does look very nice and neat
  3. Please substantiate you comments with proof @Brani you are an installer and have hinted that on many occasions.. you are not an consumer and have many times indicated to us that you claimed to have vast knowledge when it comes to solar power and batteries .. however I will not further waste my time as it is not educational nor productive and I don't argue for the sake of Argument..
  4. Lol Leshen has been a member longer than you have buddy almost as logical as your Pylontech argument.
  5. Segen Solar does not sell directly to the Public do they ??
  6. Well from a budget point of view C rating is Important especially in a off grid Scenario I have 2 x Hubble 5.5 KW batteries I have a 5 KW Sunsynk I run my whole house including my Geyser off my system So my Peak loads can Exceed 4.8 KW at certain times and I have to manage my loads I paid the Special Price of R24700 each for my batteries for 11KWH R49400.00 the two batteries combined can deliver 9.6 KW Max my inverter can demand is 5KW so even then I would loading my batteries at just over .5C when recharging with solar power I have the same scenario Which Means I will never cycle my batteries at 1C which means a Hugely extended lifespan from a cost perspective 3 x US 3000 C Batteries would have cost me R18750.00 VAT Included Each R56250.00 and I would've had 9.975 KWH and max continuous discharge and recharge of 5.328 KW Which is .5C of a battery that is so called a 1C Battery where my Hubbles can do 9.6 KW the Pylontech's Can only Sustain a 1 C Discharge or charge for 90 Seconds However this means the Pylontech batteries would be working at maximum capacity or close to it the whole time where the hubbles would basically be idling I have monitored and measured my system and My Hubbles give me around 12 KW Hour useable power and it has been improving over time. Now form a Cost perspective the Pylontechs cost me a lot more for a lot less Useable power and they would have been running at their Maximum Output for a lot of the time. Besides I am adding 2 more Hubble 5.5 units this reduce the load even more on my batteries and extend their life even more so for me the choice was easy and logical Price Difference of R6850 and I could use Decent battery cable 50mm2 covered the cost of a couple extra panels..
  7. The Sources of your Pricing is very Inconsistent I have not been able to Find a US3000C for R16100 Vat included anywhere So just on your 1st calculation on the US 3000C the best online Price I could find was R16699.94 and the Price per KWH is R5022.53 Per KWH The Up 5000 with its 5 year warranty is R4797.18 and that is the price on the power forum store also clearly it looks like you have your knife out for Hubble Besides the new specs on the BSLB batteries are all supposed to be 100% DOD however no stats available on what cycles you will get at 100% on those another point is the 3000 Cycles that the Hubble battery gets cycled at has to be 1C discharge and 1C Recharge and you will achieve this on a 5KW inverter if you try hard what I aslo know is that after you cycled the Hubble 3000 Cycles at 1C it still retains 80% of its original capacity which is 4400 Watt Hours and then you can discharge it at 1C and recharge at 1C 100% dod and get another 3000 cycles what does it say about the other brands how much capacity is retained after its 6000 Cycles and will it give another 6000 cycles at the same C rating and DOD ? Would be interesting to know..
  8. This is very bad news ..... had a friend that wanted a couple of these what caused the store to drop the special ?
  9. Would love to see those price comparisons price per watt linked to warrany
  10. Hubble Lithium s-100 12v 1.2KW 100% dod batteries on the forum store for 5k each vat incl Estimated average solar production is Rated Solar power of panel @ 5 hours per day..I oversized by 100% panels are cheap.. Roi for me is over 25 years as I am off grid and works out to R24 per month... Sizing your system correctly is important that includes batteries to get you through cloudy days.. www.powerforum-store.co.za a great option..
  11. Simple Answer get a Sunsynk or True hybrid inverter system.
  12. I can Recommend the www.powerforum-store.co.za very good prices great service and great advice worth it.
  13. Deye and Sunsynk inverters are two seperate brands I assume Deye for firmware updates your installer has to request that from Deye. Freedom Won can get complicated best you contact Freedom Won directly for support or get your installer to sort it out.
  14. My Recommendation is get a decent electrician you have bridged neutrals in your setup somewhere like a light pullining a neurtral from a plug...
  15. You Could look at the Riot cloudlink No monthly fees and works with most of the nex Axpert Clones https://www.riotsystems.cloud/
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