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  1. That is Amazing 50 units per day average?
  2. I would Recommend a 4 input 4 output combiner box with 600v type 2 Spd's and 16 amp fuses for the strings or there abouts
  3. PS Your Installation looks absolutely Awesome and the quality of workmanship is unbelievable Amazing work some of the best I have seen so far and I am sure it works as well as it looks Gongrats!!
  4. Seriously cant these guys take a little competition really weak if they disagree its their prerogative but to harass someone for having a different opinion based on actual experience is just stupid and idiotic you have my sympathy!!! Clearly Victron owners are very sensitive souls...
  5. There is No Comparison Victron is out classed in every aspect the Sunsynk is superior and much more affordable this is the start of the slow death of a fossil.
  6. Hey @Delta9 there are other more established products at really great prices available on the local market with excellent local support Like the BSL BUll Battery or Shoto you should try contacting Power forum store I see they have specials on the BSL Bull batteries with the Sunsynk inverters as far as I know they also do Shoto ZTE and Hubble batteries The Sunsynk inverter can run in 3 phase or single phase parallel setup so theoretically you can have 26.4 KW Per Phase in three phase at 380 v that is 9 x 8.8 KW Sunsynk inverter all connected to a common battery with the ability to f
  7. Look at this Voltronic Inverter Setup SOP updated 20-08-2018 (1).pdf
  8. This is terrible and creates such a bad name for solar suppliers and installers alike! Firstly please name and shame the installer and the supplier so everyone can be made aware not to use their services or buy product from them. Do you have a PV Combiner box and can you switch off the Solar Panels? Do you have a fuse switch between the battery and the inverter? Because that error says the the fuse between the battery and the inverter is blown or there is loose connection between the battery and the inverter.
  9. I can send you the Installation manual for the pylontech batteries if you like its pretty easy to follow. Send me your e-mail address via pm
  10. Sound advice from @Vassen rather just sell those lead acid batteries the risk of damaging something is too high and the cost of making them work together is not justifiable.
  11. You Should have a Look at the ZTE 4.8 KW lithium battery not badly priced.
  12. Hi Dave yes the Sunsynk 5.5 and 8.8 Can be setup in 3 Phase The inverters each attach to a Phase and they have comms cables that they use to communicate with each other they share the same Battery bank be it Litium or Lead acid PM me your email address and I can send you the installer manual via email
  13. @Leosol Do you need the inverters in Single Phase or three phase configuration ? I would recommend 3 x Sunsynk 5.5 KW Inverters if you need 3 Phase if you need Single Phase I would recommend 2 x 8.8KW Sunsynk inverters these units can run comfortably in off grid mode and have great built in features the 5Kw can produce 6.5KW solar power and the 8KW can produce 10.4 KW solar power per inverter they also have duel MPPTs with maximum DC Voltage of 500V Victron would be your other option however this will cost a small fortune because Victron is by no means cheap. Mlt Drives also ma
  14. There are a couple of solutions available my opinion is a little baised when it comes to inverters. Axpert clone inverters are definately not what I would recommend for your application. Lets face it your inverter is the corner stone of your whole solar power system so choosing the correct inverter is very important. Future expandability also plays a major factor. So before we look at solar panels and batteries I would recommend you look at the following options The Victron Multiplus series inverters are very good but a comple 3 phase package will cost the price of a small farm they work very
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