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  1. Hi Colin you could try the Power Forum Store they still have that special on the Hubble AM2 5.5 KW battery and that is 1st Life as far as I know and is compatible with the AXPERT range inverters
  2. Hi Guys I agree with @Energy-Jason and with @Brani However this is a open forum and the accused person or company can also state their case and resolve the issue amicably...
  3. Interresting topic building one's own turbine. Some questions Which parts will Rotate? The coils or the magnets on the Stator? How will you transfer power from the turbine? Do you intend on generating 230 VAC? Or are you converting 3phase AC to DC and then back to 230 VAC I see you mentioned a MPPT how fast does the MPPT you intend on using Sample voltage Changes?Considering wind power can be erratic. Will you use buck and boost controllers? Do you intend on Electro Mechanical braking system or mechanical. Will your turbine auto furl? Are you mou
  4. Brilliant those Sunsynks really are amazing machines and this in real life application no fake setup here..it illustrates how the sunsynk inverter can blend power seamlessly Amazing proof is in the pudding..!!
  5. If your inverter does not have a coms cable with the battery you obviously need to set the manual values on the inverter to work correctly with the battery (user defined settings)
  6. I recommend you contact hubble directly they will be able to advise you.
  7. So what does the device from the Council cost you? I assume it is COCT municipality and what do they pay you per unit?
  8. My opinion may be Based but I would recommend Sunsynk Instead of any Axpert Clone Better Warranty 5 years.. and you can parallel them up to 9 in three phase and 10 in single phase also they have High voltage duel Mppt and you can get about 30 to 35 Units production per day from them... Axpert is purely a load based inverter with a single MPPT ...
  9. Strange that you Blame Hubble for trashing Pylontech.. I have read all the threads and there is not one post by Hubble saying anything about Pylontech... Leshen which is a member of the forum here compared the batteries interesting how you blame a Brand for opinions of individuals.. so much emotional responses with so few facts from a lot of people here that says a lot and don't actually know what they are talking about... besides the thread went completely off topic. Besides a battery manufacturer does not specify recommended cable sizes the Inverter Manual normally specifies and recommends t
  10. So is this a Hybrid? Yes No? Is it available in SA Yes No? What does it Cost ? Axpert also makes a 500v Mppt so nothing new but the discussion is really about Batteries not an Axpert Clone..the Axpert can Do 7.2KW tbh the Axpert has better specs and its cheaper.. koda_Axpert_Max_20200907.pdf
  11. Dumb question what cable thickness are we running there ? Was this installed by a professional installer ? To me that looks like the Standard Pylon 25mm2 Cable and it looks like one set of 4 x US2000 =100Amp constant load max and 4 x US3000=128Amp constant load Max. What size inverter is connected ? Context I bet the Installer installed a 160 AMP Fuse and Fuse Holder and its 160 Amp on the Pos and 160 amp on the neg..? So can any of the Solar Specialists here please tell me what the maximum amp rating for a 25mm2 Battery cable is? Also lets say the cable is 2 meters long with a voltage of 48V
  12. See Attached Spec sheet also look at the following link too Riot Cloud Link with Live systems attached https://portal.riotsystems.cloud/dashboard/00bdc590-5810-11eb-adcd-0b75a54149c7?publicId=cc5cf540-5180-11eb-b88a-4bcbe9b8c65e Hubble Lithium AM-2 A4 Pamphlet (2).pdf riot_cloudlink__a4_pamphlet_electronic_fa (1).pdf
  13. look at the spec sheet on the 5.5 KW AM2 Full CAN Comms and it works with the Riot Cloudlink the 4.8 x100 model is more for your Axpert Clone Range
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