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  1. Eish, I think that makes the whole ROI argument a bit weaker, in my opinion (if you factor in buying that car in place of a normal one).
  2. Interesting, hadn't thought of the car angle before. How much does a Nissan Leaf cost these days? If it's roughly the same as a normal car, then that's an attractive argument.
  3. I can tell you what I'm doing now, since I'm literally in the process. I spoke to @Jaco de Jongh, a highly recommended installer. I told him what I wanted, at a high level, he asked some questions then sent me a quote. I then had lots more questions, and we went back and forth on Whatsapp for about a week, tweaking stuff. Now I have a final quote. With that information (and some help from @Tariq ), I can mostly complete the CoCT form. The rest, I send to Jaco, and he fills in (technical details, diagrams, etc). Then I'll submit that to CoCT. Tariq reckons his approv
  4. Ok cool, thanks, going with the MP-II-GX, sounds like it leaves me with more future options.
  5. @plonkster Thanks. So it's "faster". What does that mean to me as an end user? (I mean, I understand that if my PC is a quad core then it's going to handle my games/Excel better, but what does that mean for a GX?)
  6. Hi all I'm putting in a few MultiPlus-II 48/3000/35-32s in parallel, and was originally planning to get a Venus GX. Does it make more sense to replace one of the MultiPlus-IIs with a GX model, and forgo the Venus? From what I can tell the price of a GX model is roughly the same as a normal model + Venus, so the numbers make sense. So I suppose it comes down to: 1. Performance, I've read that the MultiPlus-II GX is a lot faster than the Venus GX (quad core vs single core), so that's a plus for the MultiPlus-II GX 2. Risk. Is it more risky to have my GX on the inverter,
  7. Just checking, are all Cape Town people with approved solar installations charged according to this table whether they feed-in or not? Or is that only for feed-in customers? Source: http://resource.capetown.gov.za/documentcentre/Documents/Financial documents/Electricity Consumptive Tariffs.pdf @Tariq, I can't see the R160/R120 on there, am I looking in the wrong place?
  8. Hi @Tariq I'm also in the process getting a quote for a grid-tied solar installation in Cape Town. Is my understanding of the process correct: Get approval to install from CoCT Install and commission Get Engineering signoff and CoC, register with CoCT I won't be doing the install myself (currently chatting with Jaco), but just want to understand the steps that need to be followed and the boxes that need to be ticked.
  9. Out of interest (and this may be an ignorant question), can you not sell the excess kWh back to the grid on the days you generate surplus? That'd push the cost savings up even more.
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