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  1. Thanks will give the SONOFF a shot.
  2. I have been thinking of getting a few smart lights. Would the SONOFF SMART DIMMER SWITCH work?
  3. Thank you. Will check them out.
  4. Thanks @Stanley, this is very informative. I believe I need more schooling about downlights as I have a lot of them in the house. The dimmers also switch on when load shedding starts/stops. I am assuming this because of the distortion of the waveform. I have the button press dimmers and it seems like this is what is happening. . I do not have enough space on the light switch to change to a dimmer on/off switch and a dial for dimming. What is the fix for this problem?
  5. We had load shedding last night at 22:00 and my daughter decided to switch on the hairdryer to dry out something. To my surprise the dimmable downlights in the lounge started flashing. What could be the cause, are the 3xUS3000B pylontech batteries not enough or is this a problem with the dimming switch?
  6. This sounds cool. Can you share the photos? Do you have windows as well?
  7. Hi, I am looking moving house to a place that I am building from scratch and need some advice on what to keep in my mind when building a room for the solar system. My current system is Victron Quattro 10KVa with a 250V/100A MPPT and pylontech batteries. It’s is installed in the garage because that is where the DB board is. In the next how I want this to be in a separate room but need to make sure that to cooling is right so that I don’t end up with fans to cool down the MPPT. Any ideas on what solar rooms looks like? Can you put home automation kit in th
  8. All my usage is going through the Quattro. The PV is on the AC in. I guess this mean I must get a meter.
  9. Hi, I have a Victron system and my house is still using the spinning meter which can go back and forth. I do not want to export to the grid but I would like to keep my net usage as close to zero as possible. Do I need to install a Grid Meter to enable the Victron Quattro to only export to the grid what I have used and no more?
  10. Is there a similar feature on a Victron Inverter?
  11. This is just more justification for self generation. With all the additional costs the cost per kWh is close to R3. Even with an expensive solar installation you can still generation 30kWh a day at R1/kWh.
  12. https://www.dlms.com/product/Hexing-electric-HXE310-P_39 This link says it can do both unidirectional and bidirectional, I suppose it will need to be configured bidirectional for Grid Feed-in to work.
  13. Has anybody got an SSEG approved installation for Tshwane? What is the cost of the bi-directional meter?
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