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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from YellowTapemeasure in Panel Installation Ideas   
    some grease on a stick will work as well.
    Thieves would probably not carry any of these with them so just hide all your prestik, magnets and grease at night
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Youda in Forecasting / estimating available solar power   
    Just keep in mind that that a  36 cell (10W) panel's efficiency is generally much lower than a 72 cell panels
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Chris Hobson in NEED HELP AS A NEWBIE - 4.6kw Hybrid Goodwe ES – BYD Lithium Storage 5.12kwh – Solar Power Kit   
    This was a few years ago so I can't remember all the details. A local electrical wholesaler had some new equipment on display that day and on the renewable energy shelves I saw a lot of "nice to have" solar equipment (tools, fuse holders, etc, and the Circuit Breakers). One of the local representatives of a big brand (I don't want to name and shame) said these would replace fuses. I took 2 different ones and tested them on a 750W PV array, and it didn't trip out at all. It just got super hot and I didn't try and leave it long enough to arc of explode. So they're nice to switch off a whole PV array, but not as safety devices. Fuses are still best in DC. And I think this is why you hardly find circuit breakers in DC applications
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Chris Hobson in NEED HELP AS A NEWBIE - 4.6kw Hybrid Goodwe ES – BYD Lithium Storage 5.12kwh – Solar Power Kit   
    That would all depend on what your energy price is. The Pylontech's as example, cost about R1.20/kwh.
    Having more panels than you think often balance itself out on a cloudy or rainy day, when there's little sun to work with. It is often better to calculate for winter usage and have enough in winter, than calculating for summer and sit without power in winter.
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Barezzi in Victron Advice Needed   
    That really depends on how your system is being used. Many people, in the cities, have off-grid systems, where it helps to have a larger PV array, in order to recharge your batteries while the house still consume power as well. 
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    SilverNodashi reacted to root in The student is ready to learn from the masters   
    you can debate strings as much as you want but in my opinion and experience your roof space determines the strings. You want all the panels in each string to be facing in the same direction. These panels are deceptively big. You run out of roof space quite quickly. So first measure up the area you want to put the panels on and work out how many you can fit in different orientations. 
    I would also try and get one string to face NW to get some of the afternoon sun. The rest you can fit in the NE direction as per your diagram. 
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Juokorow in Axpert MKS 5KVA Inverter - 48V   
    Yup. From experience, when the battery fuse blows, on an Axpert inveter, you sit in the dark. My Axpert at home blew a 250A fuse last year! Still don't know what caused it to blow since the calcs showed that the inverter should have tripped instead. 
    Quick tip, to the Axpert users: When the battery fuse blows, DISCONNECT the PV string before you try and replace the fuse, even if the inverter is OFF, purely since the battery and PV connect to the same DC bus. It is still LIVE. This is where I agree with plonkster, it is better to have a separate MPPT from the inverter. It's more expensive but allows for more redundancy. 
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from ___ in InfiniSolar Inverter   
    This is a good comparison. 
    I have to add though that Victron's are rock solid and have a good track record. Though I also know of some Infinisolar's which have been running for 3 years. 
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from ___ in Circuit design for inverter installation (Victron Multiplus II)   
    Now, imagine that expense!
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Youda in InfiniSolar Inverter   
    He probably has to jump start it on cold mornings. 
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Fuenkli in New solar   
    Yes on both questions. A Solis inverter will work well in this case, and so also SMA, which are considered some of the best in the market though more expensive. 
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Treschen in My Build has begun   
    You should be able to get the 10mm cable from Voltex as well. 
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from d3nominat0r in DB Board - Indicator Lights   
    They connect to Live and Neutral.
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    SilverNodashi reacted to georgelza in My Build.   
    My longe have 12 down lights so 12 x 3.5 is enough power,
    the bed rooms all have 4 each, so fine, passage have 5, so fine again.
    consider the 4 or 5 before going all the way to 6watt, have a look at the old wattage equivalent writing, more important though, look at the lumen number and compare against that.
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from Gabriël in MORE ESKOM WOES... is that possible?   
    Oh, the horror.... 😅
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from georgelza in Victron Advice Needed   
    I was at NetActive
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from phil.g00 in Victron Advice Needed   
    We were camping in the woods. The nearest cellphone reception was an hour's walk and another half hour's drive. And a few cups of coffee  My Nokia 6110's NiMh battery (what is this weird thing called Lithium?) lasted about 3 hours between charges, which took about 3 hours to charge. The lister engine only run for an hour at night, though it ran till about 1am that night since it was new year's. 
    We didn't know what the Y2k bug did to the world. We didn't know how many planes fell out of the sky. I didn't know if I would have a job, since I worked for an ISP. But my Ford Escord XR3 started fine since SkyNet couldn't infect it and I drove up the hill to phone a friend and wish him happy birthday. 
    Yes, those were interesting times. I think people made more money out of Y2K PCI cards back then than solar solutions now 🙄
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    SilverNodashi reacted to MartinCoetzee in Some of my install.   
    I have been reading quite a bit on this forum and found it very helpful. My main line of work is new Electrical installations in new houses but I do a few solar install in between. Included are a few pics, I am still learning and try to make each system better than the previous.

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    SilverNodashi reacted to georgelza in Victron Advice Needed   
    something that will be experimented with, via the MQTT streams... will run MQTT and NodeRed on my HomeAssistant/HassIO host and modify these settings from there.
    In addition to monitoring and switching Sonoff's...
    Looking at replacing the breaker+timers on Pool and 2 x Geysers with Contactors controlled by sonoff - Basic's getting commands from HomeAssistant. That way I have better remote control over them instead of just a on/off time.
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from georgelza in Victron Advice Needed   
    A sweet spot might be to run it down to say 70% or 60% and then go back to grid?
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from KevinM in Dual Axpert 5KVA 4KW   
    Hi, and welcome to the forum. 
    1. Each inverter will have it's own set of panels. 3 string on the one and 4 string on the other would be fine. 
    2. You need to use DC surge protection Type 1 and 2, depending on your are, for the panels. They're more expensive though and come in 600V or 1000V variants. 
    3. Yes, as long as you install as per regulations and sign a COC for it. 
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    SilverNodashi reacted to George in 3x Mecer 5kva in parallel   
    This morning i switched off everything. Tried the 3td inverter again and it took the PAL setting. Switched back on and so far everything is working normal. Thanks for the guidance and info. Regards.
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from ___ in Mixing Panels   
    Yes, that's for a single string of two panels. 
    But he mentioned two strings in parallel, so then it's a bit different. 
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    SilverNodashi reacted to phil.g00 in Oversized solar aray.   
    I'll see @plonkster, and raise it a step further.
    It is a misconception that all panels to an MPPT have to be the same pitch and direction.
    Only the the panels in a string should be like that, but an MPPT can have multiple strings.
    It is not long in your solar journey before you'll conclude its better to have power throughout the day than a glut of unusable power at noon.
    So I'd advise not only over-paneling, but over-paneling in the morning and over-paneling in the afternoon.
    So some strings are picking up as others are dropping off, and at noon they're both doing half/half.
    So yes, there can be quite a bit of headroom if you do it right.
    By the way, the panels in the morning are colder than the panels in the afternoon, and warmer panels are less productive.
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    SilverNodashi got a reaction from seant in Solar Calculations   
    Our induction plates also give instant heat. A gas stove + installation would set me back about R15K and then I need to buy gas every 6-8 months. At that point I realized it's easier to just extend my existing setup and use it. It turns out that we generally have the plates on 400W or 800W when cooking dinner. The kettle boils on 1300W, albeit a bit longer than 2000W but that's fine. 
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