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  1. Dont worry if your unregistered installation kills some poor Eskom dude working on the lines down the road. There is a reason for registering; and usually done before the installation and usually before final commissioning - just saying.
  2. A ball valve and a non return valve are two different things. Ball valve closes off the water flow, non return valve only allows the water to flow in one direction. What type of solar system do you have: electric pump circulation or thermo circulation. Temp should drop no more than 6 to 8 degrees on a winters night. Get another technician to check it.
  3. Strange, what you have in your pic at the bottom of your inverter I have on the top of mine, and when looking from underneath I can see the fan. Temps I gave you are for the DC inductor, and looking at my device graphs the max AC temp is about 45 to 48 deg when running at 2000 to 3000 watts from solar and the fan does not come on. And yes the inverter will trip if it over heats.
  4. As far as I am aware all Sunsynk inverters have a fan. My 5kW Sunsynk fan comes on at 65 deg C and switches off below 60 deg, with this high temp only when the batteries are taking pretty high amperage charge.
  5. Just install 10 panels in that one string then, that would be much safer than 12 from a voltage point of view.
  6. Jabu has put the best wiring diagram out there, connect this way and there will be zero problems
  7. The manual says under no circumstances connect red to black - ouch
  8. Has no batteries so of course the inverter will switch off when no sun on the panels.
  9. Have got the Solarman App but don't see the detailed graphs you have, or must one purchase the Pro Solarman App?
  10. Suggest you get a professional to look at your setup, you appear to be walking down a dangerous pathway - putting fuses in an AC circuit??
  11. R12000 to rectify the first installers poor workmanship - wow. You are lucky the house didn't burn down. In this solar game there seem to be many chancers out there. As they say "Consumer beware!"
  12. My 5kW Sunsynk will only get to a max of 9.9A on each MPPT, one string running at about 280V and the other at about 350Vs - by the way, what program are you using to get all those voltage, amperage graphs.
  13. On my 5kW Sunsynk one doesn't even notice when switching during load shedding. Using 4.8kW on the UPS side is probably pushing the limit for a 5kW inverter
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