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  1. Jabu has put the best wiring diagram out there, connect this way and there will be zero problems
  2. The manual says under no circumstances connect red to black - ouch
  3. Has no batteries so of course the inverter will switch off when no sun on the panels.
  4. Have got the Solarman App but don't see the detailed graphs you have, or must one purchase the Pro Solarman App?
  5. Suggest you get a professional to look at your setup, you appear to be walking down a dangerous pathway - putting fuses in an AC circuit??
  6. R12000 to rectify the first installers poor workmanship - wow. You are lucky the house didn't burn down. In this solar game there seem to be many chancers out there. As they say "Consumer beware!"
  7. My 5kW Sunsynk will only get to a max of 9.9A on each MPPT, one string running at about 280V and the other at about 350Vs - by the way, what program are you using to get all those voltage, amperage graphs.
  8. On my 5kW Sunsynk one doesn't even notice when switching during load shedding. Using 4.8kW on the UPS side is probably pushing the limit for a 5kW inverter
  9. No solar panels yet so CT coil will be doing nothing
  10. Had the same experience with them - daughter was standing outside the gate and a Elex Khanyisa bloke in a vehicle just hands her a bundle of papers and drives off. On reading one page says they could not gain access to the property to inspect what needs to be done - how pathetic and the city pays for these useless contractors. I still see fun and games with them coming up. Will keep posted.
  11. Thanks for the measurements; it sure looks huge compared to the small keypads used in the split systems in Jhb and Pretoria. Looks like they did a poor job leaving parts of the old meter there. But then Elex Khanyisa has poor reviews on their installations and cutting people off etc.
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