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  1. hi gents, my son bought two pylon tech US3000C. He has 2 axperts 4kw. Can he connect his batteries without upgrading his inverters from 73.00C into newer firmware version? thanks for any advise
  2. hi abe53. any one that takes lithium ion batts.
  3. hi 87, yes I am
  4. selling uncomplete 5x 10s200p 18650 power wall. Approx capacity 100 kwh with BMSDIYs included . price: R50000 for all, or 12500 each I am situated in Joburg south reason for selling: emigrating
  5. never ever ask nor trust to the seller. their only goal is to sell their stock
  6. I need to use battery to power my Golf cart. Please help

    1. anunnaki


      you directed your request to the wrong person

  7. thanks for your input @plonkster. there are two paralleled inverters in the system which makes even more expensive to swap them with new ones.
  8. Hi Richard, unit is about 5 years old. it smells on burning and the display is dead but the fans are running
  9. Hi gents, can anybody in Jhb area fix one Axpert 4KVA during the lockdown? thanks in advance
  10. it's nice to see you again Chris.
  11. Victron is too expensive for your application. Axpert is better choice . i have 3 4Kw Axperts running 24/7 for 5 years with no issue
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