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  1. Has anyone purchased from these guys? How was their service?
  2. Looking at getting rid of my current 5kw LFP battery to replace with pylontechs. 3 months old. make an offer , purchase price is 31k.
  3. Will this work with an existing battery? Can it be used for expansion of existing storage?
  4. Lfp that fit the image charging voltages. Needing to duplicate current 48v lfp bank. bulk 58v float 54.4 cutoff 50v
  5. Hmm, I wonder why mine are set to 52-54. sorry for spamming you, but how would I calculate what my battery percentage is on these cells? i.e 10% - 49v, 20% - 50 etc. I’ve googled and pulled down tables that are quite conflicting.
  6. Hi @Coulomb, just out of interest, what values would you set for back to grid and back to discharge? support has fallen off completely.
  7. Correct, that’s exactly what they said. They also refused to disclose the manufacturer. Dodgy. so they’ve also said they float to 3.4v per cell, which seems low as per your previous input? Or is this fine for these cells? I’m curious about the bulk as well. If the 58 bulk and float are correct then I can then assume the settings on the inverter are correct ? as they won’t tell me who made these cells I’m thinking they just cheap CE, which would mean I’ve been ripped yet again by these people on battery too.
  8. So I’ve received the battery specifications , see attached. Does this help?
  9. Yeah absolutely I could. Unfortunately it’s branded to the guys who supplied, so would prefer not to open that gate yet. Without the brand it’s a big white box so that won’t help neither.
  10. Dodgy, agreed. Since I’ve been querying this battery with them, support has become non existent, even dodgier. the old bank are calcium lead acids. thanks for the input, it’s appreciated. Will see what the guys say, if they haven’t cut support totally.
  11. Don’t think they do, I declared no mast when I insured, they accepted. Just my experience.
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