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  1. The way I have done it is on the outlet that goes back to the pool, after going through the pump and filer, I have a T piece with a valve that I can partially close and direct some of the water flow through a loop of black pipe (various sizes, just joined all the odd pieces I have into a long one). So most of the water goes directly back to the pool, but an amount of it goes through the black pipe and is heated.
  2. I don't understand why the 'duck curve' is such a challenge. If they could incentivise industry to use that excess which is wheeled through the grid, they could be selling electricity they didn't even generate. Most businesses operate during the day. The sun shines during the day. Where's the problem?
  3. Au contraire, they are already in the ground. I had a worm farm going for some time in an old bath. I then I took handfuls of worms and put them under the mulch in various places, and now they are everywhere. When I plant the seedlings through the mulch, there are always a few worms in the hole.
  4. Update now that it has rained. It got really hot before the rain came with 35 degree days, and these seedlings would have all expired if it wasn't for the mulching. The bare ground in other places was too hot to walk on, so the plants would have shrivelled. We are getting a few weeds coming up now, so I just go around with a weedeater every now and then, and put some more straw close to plants. Or just stomp on the weeds and put straw down. Easy! Tomatoes being staked up with first fruit: Squash, pattipans, beans etc: Pumpkins, hubbards etc:
  5. I also have two of those that have been working fine for a few years now. The only funny thing with those is I notice if I am running a generator a lot then they start to gain time, although I keep the genny at 50Hz.
  6. Is this grid tie system? What are the loads? Once the batteries are charged, and there is no load, there is no current drawn from the panels. If you want to get the theoretical maximum out of the panels, switch on a kettle at midday on the 21st of December.
  7. That's a good price for a battery bank that size. What's the life expectancy on the 2V cells?
  8. Thinking further about your situation with alkaline soil. Ca and Mg are good for plants, but in an alkaline environment they are insoluble and are not taken up by the plant, or in too high a concentration. Using the deep mulching puts a lot more organic matter in the soil which neutralises the pH and makes more nutrients available to the plants, as well as conserving moisture. The thing to do is to try a large variety of different vegetables, and different varieties of those vegetables until you find something that works well in your circumstances. There are some things, like peppers, I
  9. Im sure that will work. Just googling a typical compostion of chicken manure gives a NPK composition of 1:3:2, so that should be good for fruiting vegetables.
  10. Basically this idea arose from seeing what could be done with leftover feed bales, which then lead to an epiphany about nutrient cycles and a better understanding of soil characteristics. Google and read about permaculture principles as that informs a lot of what I am doing. I do use wood ash as a fertilisers, particularly putting it around fruit trees as it has lots of K and other alkaline oxides. We try and incorporate anything organic into the whole system so for any 'waste' the logic goes like this: 1. Will the dog eat it? Yes/ No go to next option: 2. Will the poultry
  11. LOL. I was about to make a chirp about doing what you want WHEN THE SUN IS SHINING!. But I see others beat me to it.
  12. OK, so quite a substantial generator. 7.5 kVA or bigger. Thanks.
  13. No one has tried welding with a generator? Is this just a software forum now?
  14. I need to do some welding jobs around the farm. I have a small DC inverter welder that will do the job. I generally weld at 80-100A. I need to rent or buy a portable generator for this. How big a generator do you need to drive a welder? Or is is better to use a generator/welder unit that is designed for the job?
  15. Switch on a few big loads t midday and see what solar production you get, it can be you have few loads and your batteries are charged, so as pointed out above, there is nothing for the power to do.
  16. That ray from the Death Star can cause that effect.
  17. There are websites that give average wind speeds and wind potential. You just need to look up you area. Bear in mind that the wind generally doesn't blow when you need it, as I've noticed. Like now until October is my best time for wind potential, except that the sky is clear and the solar works very well. When the wind gets up in the afternoon, the batteries are pretty much charged, so the controller brakes the turbine. In the evening it is generally still, so no power is produced. Sometimes when a cold front comes through with strong winds overnight, then it helps a bit, but otherwise n
  18. LOL, I remember walking around the house in the dark at night looking for glowing red LEDs from chargers and all sorts of other appliances plugged in doing nothing!
  19. And the first bush beans are planted out under small shade net tunnels to prevent attacks by marauding chickens..
  20. Seedlings are coming on nicely in the tunnel:
  21. The drip irrigation is going in now. This irrigation is fed by a storage dam, and the head is only about 2 m so I am using 40mm LDPE pipe, with 6mm holes drilled for water delivery. The holes are 1m apart so these will be used for tomatoes and squash or pumpkins. The reason I am not using commercial drip tape, is that it needs higher pressure to get the water flowing through the fine holes, and the algae from the dam blocks up the fine holes very quickly. To prevent this the larger holes are drilled on the top of the pipe, so any gunk settles to the bottom of the pipe and the water comes
  22. Sorry to labour this point, but : Rated Power @15 m/s= 2020 Watts occurs at Beaufort 7, which I doubt occurs very often in any location.
  23. I think this answers your question. Wind power goes up with the square or cube of the wind speed, so at 3 or 7 m/s you will probably be producing nothing. If you can put your hand up to the wind and feel a push, then the wind has some power, otherwise not. The specs on that generator are : ATLAS2.0 2000W Wind Turbine (Fully optimized for ground conditions) Rated Power @11.5 m/s= 1200 Watts Rated Power @15 m/s= 2020 Watts
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