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  1. The installer came today and seems this was just about right. He recommended using the AGM setting on the inverter and I wasn't sure if that was right but he's the "expert" so I was kinda stuck. Any thoughts? Vision SP 12-200 LiFeP04 User Manual.pdf
  2. Just had this very discussion with my brother earlier today. I'm happy to see that I'm learning a lot from these streets
  3. Hello @lyndiesel You're right, there'll be no comms between the battery and the inverter. The more experienced members of this forum might be able to share some workarounds that you might want to explore since electronics is your forte
  4. So finally the batteries are here. There were several delays in shipping the consignment but fortunately they arrived in good shape. The installation will be done on Sunday, then we'll be testing them soon. In the meantime, I've been thinking about balancing them. Do you guys reckon I can just parallel connect them until Sunday? For some context, I'm a newbie (you probably know this if you've been following this thread) without any fancy equipment at my disposal. So I have no special LiFePO4 charger lying around to assist with top balancing. So I was thinking that parallel connecting
  5. I wonder who would take offence with such great information that's meant to help them. People can ignore sound advice at their own peril and I guess they have a right to learn whatever mistakes they might have avoided on their own ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ I personally appreciate the value that your posts bring and the longer they are, the clearer they become to newbies like me. Hopefully, there are more that can resonate with my sentiments
  6. Haha thanks for your response. I hope they'll give you a super long service life. I'll use mine as a power backup until I can connect PV input. @Tim003 I'm sure your earlier question has been partially answered
  7. Hey @WJP thanks for your helpful posts. This is quite encouraging. If you don't mind sharing: How long have you had them installed? What's your average load in kW that's being powered by these batteries? What's been your target DoD? It's always great to hear from someone that's put them through their paces. I'm sure @Igubuand the others would love to hear as well (be prepared to do battery surgery as we request you to go under the hood )
  8. I bought them from Manhattan Computer Solutions and had them shipped to my cousin's place in JHB because I couldn't have them shipped to my place (long story).
  9. Hi @Tim003 I wasn't able to ship them from my cousin's place before the Easter break. I was let down by a shipping agent so I arranged for alternative shipping today. Hopefully they'll be here in the next few days.
  10. Well @delafrique after much consideration I took the plunge and ordered two of these last week and had them shipped to a cousin's place. Hopefully I'll get them here and installed before the Easter holiday then I'll start testing. I'll keep you all posted on the progress but bear in mind that I am a solar noob so I will most likely fail to give much of good advice
  11. Hey @Igubu check your DM, I couldn't post the contact info here in public
  12. Thanks a lot @JaseZA and @Igubu That really does sound like something frustratingly fun but I'll stay in my lane for now
  13. Hey @Igubu I totally missed that in your response. Sounds like an interesting experiment. Might you be able to share a link maybe?
  14. Thanks @JaseZA for the heads-up That's very true especially if they perform as advertised it'd be a steal. I will compare the specs for these with the prismatic cells at Lithium Batteries SA just to see which of the two is the real deal. I just checked the documentation and it looks like they're using 100Ah cells in a 4S2P arrangement
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