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  1. I currently use a Ryobi 6700k with AVR on my Axpert 4048 inverters. I have to set both to appliance and they pickup the generator and charge the batteries. The other inverter I use is a 2000w turner morris inverter generator. I can only charge one inverter at a time using this but I can leave the inverter set to UPS mode. This is underpowered so if the load increases the inverter takes over until the load is decreased and then the generator continues charging. Overall I think an inverter generator is the solution but I need one a lot bigger than what I have. The ryobi works in bypass but
  2. Did you use an HDMI to VGA converter if you swapped this with the power on then you have blown the HDMI port on your PI. It can be fixed by exchanging the blown resister but this is beyond my skill. I know because I did this twice to 2 separate pi's..... You can still download VNC viewer and use the IP address of your pi to log in. The user name is pi and the password is raspberry. I now use mine headless.
  3. I used solaradvice to buy 8x 400w pannels and 3x pylontech batteries. I had no issues with them.
  4. You can just double left click the icc shortcut on the bottom left hand corner of your screen, then be patient as it takes a bit to load.
  5. I have both; one from mannie and one from centurion solar. They both hang intermittently, this is on updated and regularly reset raspberry pis. I reset em twice a day. Manie's version seems to keep communication with the victron battery monitor and the counter just becomes delayed but doesn't hang completely. It does however lose communication with the axpert. I then unplug and reboot the pi multiple times to get it to read again. The centurion solar version seems to have the top counter hang and the program becomes unresponsive until you kill the process and restart. This pi i
  6. I used the y connectors to parallel 2 pairs. Rather than taking 8 6mm2 (4 negative and 4 positive)wires to the combiner box I now take 4(2 negative and 2 positive). The combiner box then takes those 4 wires and combines them into one 10mm2 cable to the inverter. Is this ok?
  7. Thanks for the help guys! In the end I made 2 strings of 2s2p. so two panels in series and then 2 pairs in parallel connected with y connectors. This made 2 banks of 80v 20 amps that I ran with 2 pairs of 6 mm wire to a combiner box from AC/DC ( very over priced, but nice unit that they had in stock). I am still confused regarding the y connector issue.
  8. Hi guys, I have had an axpert mks inverter for a few years running as a load shedding battery backup. I now want to add some solar panels to the mix. I am thinking of getting some Canadian solar 410w panels and connecting them 4p x 2s, from what I understand this is safe as it is under the 145v voc? The inverter is about 20 meters from where the panels will be mounted. what size cable do I need? looking at all the kits offered there are no included fuses for the parallel strings, are these recommended? They also include a 4 pole DC disconnector, does this mean that 2 parallel strings
  9. what temperature do you guys heat the geyser to with solar? I have a split tube system and stop at 65 degrees but I see the panel regularly sits at 120. I was considering installing one of those thermal valves that mix hot and cold by the geyser output and heating it to 80, is this possible? Does anybody make use of the controllers ability to switch a second pump to cool the panel?
  10. This is the download link, only works with serial, would be interested if anybody finds out how a third party can use the usb.
  11. Oh I thought it was a serial library, written for ruby, should be cross platform? require 'serialport' require 'axpert_rs232' # => Set your serial port location, ls /dev/ and search for something that makes sense serial = SerialPort.new('/dev/tty.usbserial', 2400, 8, 1, SerialPort::NONE) # => Show available commands AxpertCommands.constants # => Some current device status info AxpertCommands::DEVICE_STATUS.issue_command(serial) # => Some current device rating info AxpertCommands::DEVICE_RATING.issue_command(serial) # => Set battery type to user agm AxpertCommands::SET_BATTERY
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