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  1. Victron can do off-grid, 15kVA seems to be what you need, and you won’t read many negative reviews on them. But the price will be higher. In my humble opinion, well worth it.
  2. If your battery charging is limited to 50A, you can only supply 55Vx50A to the battery. if you don’t divert the remaining 500w to the load, it will go wasted. your mppt could be producing way above that and if it doesn’t go to the load it will just limit the power. Calvin is 100%, your panels produced more than mppt could handle.
  3. Yes. That’s how it should work. Your generator will plug directly into inverter, and inverter will use grid first and generator second. The change over switch will initially switch between Eskom and generator, and once you add the inverter between Eskom and inverter. This is useful if you have problems on inverter to switch back to Eskom and then you can work on your inverter alone.
  4. Yip it’s unsafe on so many levels. Electrical installations should be fool-proof. why don’t you in the meantime run a cable from generator to a change over switch? You can use the same items later,once you have the inverter, generator can be useful for those rainy days and change over switch will anyway be needed.
  5. Are you plugging the generator into one of the plug sockets?
  6. The confusion is real. The wires are connected (you can see thick red wires) according to the green terminal, but PCB shows different, even Grid-N stud corresponds to the board and not the terminal. Also, if I remember correctly, confusion about CT connection, is it terminal 5-6 or 6-7 or something like that. Poor job but it can be overlooked. I was never so nervous putting electrical item on.
  7. The store is fake as far as I know.
  8. Be mindful that your DC cables are much thicker and you might struggle to bend them twice at 90 degrees in such short space.
  9. The bigger picture is that you have faulty installation and/or appliance and now that you have the new equipment, the issue is brought to light. I would much rather have inverter trip with unsafe condition than killing someone, and in your installation with earth leakage bypassed, much more likely. Please get a qualified electrical contractor to sort your installation and then the inverter will work like a charm.
  10. In the morning, due to sun coming out lower and at the angle, you don’t have much current to “kick in” the MPPT. In summer this will improve. Based on production of nearly 30kWh, I would think your panels orientation is good. It looks perfectly normal and it will improve in summer. looks like you either use a lot or have enough storage capacity, well balanced system. well done!
  11. If you join underground you will have to use sealed epoxy box, underground cables are much more exposed to moisture. since the cables are already in conduit, why not just replace them with a complete new cable run. Especially since you want to pave over it, to inspect a joint you will need to lift the pavement.
  12. Is your battery depleted by the morning? If it is, yes you need more solar production. But then again, everything should be sized according to your consumption. And in theory, you can never have enough battery.
  13. I assume question is if your PV array is generating enough power. The short answer is probably yes (if you had enough to charge one battery). The solar array should be sized according to your average consumption, not the battery size. If you double up the storage capacity, you will still only use overnight what you used before. Let's say you went from 100-40%, if you have double storage capacity you will go from 100-70%. Solar will still need to charge the same amount of kW
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