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  1. Hi Guys If anyone is close to wanting to sell their LiFePO4 cells or knows of any available please let me know. Looking to build my own bank but alas Baine has no stock at the moment. Tx
  2. Hi After less than 5 weeks with the system installed, I've decided to go 48v. I should have listened to all the advice of everyone on this forum- but alas that did not happen. For sale: 1x Skyking 3,2kw Inverter- balance of 1 year warranty 2x 200 Ah Gel Batteries- balance of 2 year warranty Will only sell as a set. Tx
  3. Sales quote- Conversion kit - 30TUBE - R.MATHEW.pdf Gents See attached for the quote I received for both my geysers. From all everyone has said - I don't have a question around efficacy but rather is the costing right? Tx
  4. Tx Brani. Max is at 55deg. The breaker on geyser 2 is off.
  5. As I relayed above- I actually have 2x 150L geysers- but to my knowledge only one is power. This app does allow me to set on/off times and max temps
  6. This is just the geyser- with the sensor on the actual geyser- it comes to the senseable app. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sensornetworks.Nedbank&hl=en_ZA&gl=US
  7. I'm not following this statement- are you saying my consumption as a whole makes no sense as it is too high or too low? We were on post paid and have seen a +/-10% cost reduction since going prepaid
  8. Tx for the feedback guys. Here is some further info: - I actually have 2 x 150L geysers however to mu knowledge only one is powered - The geyser has a senesable monitor fitted to it- its' primary purpose is leak detection. - The app only has 2 settings- Set Temp, Set on/off times. - I have pulled the data over the last year which shows an average usage of 557kWh per month. - The geyser is set to run continuous - The reason I have not set on/ off times, is I've read that it takes the same amount of energy to keep it hot over a period vs having it
  9. Tx Brani for feedback. How would you suggest I do the geyser analysis?
  10. Hey Guys My ultimate goal is off grid- however I am doing this in bite sized pieces. I am looking to tackle my geyser 1st however a few questions: We have a smart geyser that allows me to set the max temp and track usage etc. Question 1 - We average around R850 per month based on the app, however my full pre paid spend is never less than R2500/ month in Summer and+/- R5500/ in Winter. - If the geyser is meant to be my largest entry spend monthly why is it so low relative to my boll? - I'm assuming the scaling on the app uses uses a unit cost that is wr
  11. Hey Guys So I need some assistance please. This is my setup: Axpert King 3,2kw Inverter 2x 200ah Gel batteries 3 Phase DB- where the following is applied- - The inverter is powered from Phase 3 - Selected Lights and Plugs have been reconfigured to run off the inverter - Physically they are not on the same Phase as the Inverter, yet they are all connected off the neutral bar from the inverter Between the DB, Inverter and Batteries I have- - change over switch (Eskom or Batteries) - earth leakage - over current breaker
  12. I see my error- it should read 3kva not 5kva- sorry my mistake
  13. Tx Bud- why do you say the 2.4kw maybe too lite?
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