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  1. Waiting for batteries to reach 100% - Tesla is fine, the Goodwe inverter & CT are the settings we needed changed, so we will know more once batteries are full. -)
  2. https://www.gumtree.co.za/a-generators-solar-power/tamboerskloof/bargain-solarworld-sunplug-eco-tl1-3-6kw-grid-inverter/1007933270510910259157009
  3. Good morning all, thanks for the debate & point. Yes, as it stands we have a Tesla battery (14.5kw usable supply). The question was indeed if you have to remain a net consumer of grid electricity or if you only get paid equally to what you actually buy, no matter how much you produce. It certainly seems that their is uncertainty about that, which makes it impossible to calculate possible returns of forking out 12K for a meter and a daily service charge. My grid consumption a the moment is only about R200 per month, so if you need to remain a net consumer (to be confirmed) indeed, the
  4. Hi Erastus, Thank you for the detailed response. For our specific user case, batterie expense made a lot of sense and still does. However, feeding back and getting "tax free income" for it only works to a certain point correct, as you have to remain a net user (i.e. won't get paid for exccess you feed into the grid)? As we produce 90% of our use ourselves, we require very little from the grid. So does it really make sense to get paid for the remaining 10% before we are not a net consumer anymore, or do we get paid for evry single KW we produce and feed back, no matter how much we c
  5. Sorry, wasn't clear - yes prepaid metre clocking feed as usage i.e. decreasing the units available. thank you!
  6. Good morning all, We have the above configuration, but the installer seems unable to overcome the issue that for any excess production (i.e. when the battery is fully charged), we are being charged by the municipality (the prepaid meter simply runs backwards). A current meter was installed to stop production when battery is fully charged, no success. Here the question, to find out if my expectations are incorrect: With a grid tied system, and a battery, priority should be to fill the battery, then feed the house consumption and dispose the surplus onto the grid, in our case without
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