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  1. Do you ship SAPO? I haven't received a single international package the last few years, and banggood and Aliexpress, when they offer courier services, have been prohibitively expensive. But I haven't tried the last two years, so it will be interesting to note you are getting international parcels via our post office.
  2. Goodness me, no. I saw the devastating effects on day one. The sun had barely started to set when the electric geyser and stove combined forces and put me and my batteries in their place. The geyser got the CBI Astute wifi timer, and the electric stove is now gathering dust under a carport while my folks cook in luxury on a fancy gas stove. I consider the timer on the geyser as one of the cheapest wins resulting in massive savings we have made in this solar journey. Solar vs Heat Pump vs Other ??? I incorrectly interpreted this as the alternative to powering the electric gey
  3. I'm still busy with my off grid solution, and it seems like it will be a long journey. 1. Regarding your weird power consumption, I am struggling with my consumption values as well. According to the Tshwane meter, we have used 390 units this month which seems excessive considering most of the day we get free power from the sun. Tshwane says 390 units (a massive improvement over 1200 units every month), and my Sunsynk says 260 kWh. Do I believe Tshwane, the Sunsynk or take the middle road? Good luck, I am still hunting. 2. We have an electric geyser in the Cottage. It al
  4. Thank you Tariq, this is a very handy feature. The play store has the old version. I downloaded and Installed the version from Solarman, https://www.solarman.cn/enterrace_2.html. With this one I have remote control from my phone.
  5. Thats very cool. What version of the app are you using? Perhaps Achmat and I are still on older versions.
  6. I just discovered this myself on the web site. I can't find the remote control on the Solarman App. Very cool to be able to adjust settings from the web site.
  7. In order to generate 20 kWh per day I have 4.5 kW of panels on the roof. It can do more, but I don't have anywhere to send the power after 12h00 in the day. The cost of the panels work out to be around R26k, which is just under R1300 per kWh. Thats not so bad for power in the day. It is cheap enough to add as many panels as I need to power all our appliances during the day. My Dyness battery bank is worth R36k for the usable capacity of 5.8 kWh, lets say 6 kWh for convenience. This works out to R6k per kWh or roughly 4.5 times the cost per kWh for solar in the day (excluding the generati
  8. Not a long time at all, perhaps about 6 months an emergency interim solution to get us through the workday. Solar was installed two weeks ago.
  9. If you're mainly after Internet, consider buying a dual deep cycle UPS trolley, such as the Ellies and Mecer trolleys you can find at most major retailers for about R10k. I used one for load shedding so my wife and I can power out two laptops with extra monitors, all the lights in the house and the home cinema. We could power this for up to five hour stretches without any issues. Thats the longest we tested and the UPS claimed it was around 50%. I have no idea how accurate it is. It was simple and cheap and any electrician can wire up a couple of red UPS plugs at key points and move the
  10. On the Solarman portal I see a total called Total grid feed-in. I would love to have that kind of generating capacity but I most certainly did not feed 371.53 GWh into the grid in 13 days. (Doc Brown reference anyone?) Does anyone know where I can zero this value? It is mucking up my dashboard.
  11. The only difference you will see on the output is that the 3 kVA systems can power fewer devices than the 5 kVA system. The wiring for the 24V system with the same storage capacity will be a lot thicker and cumbersome to work with. I'd go with the 48V system, especially when you're talking few kW and not just a few hundred watts.
  12. Yes, I like that suggestion a lot. Very good idea, thanks. I probably wont need a lot of distance for this. I have quite a few serial cables lying around, this should be a quick fix.
  13. Usually the isolator is located right above the stove, which is not acceptable for the gas COC so in almost all instances it will need to be removed, in my case in the main house (already done) and in the cottage out back (still to be done) once we get the new gas stove.
  14. I don't know the Goodwe so I will not comment on it, however, the Sunsynk 8kW has been running for 13 days and I am over the moon. Visibility on Solarman is awesome and just seeing what we're up to has helped us to cut our electricity by about 10 units per day. It also handles the rated power well. Yesterday we hit 8 kW sustained for quite some time while my wife was using the electric oven and grill, while my folks were using their electric stove and the geyser was drawing its last bit of power before shutting down for the night. No problems. It seemlessly merged solar, battery and util
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