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  1. Moving to renewable energy be it by either wind, solar, biomass, or a combination of these is becoming ever more popular with home-owners and companies alike. The benefits are remarkable and the trend of moving away from using fossil fuels as a source of electricity is ever increasing. The most popular choice being to go solar, but there are many aspects to consider before committing to a plan. It is very easy to make costly mistakes as a beginner doing research and planning your own solar system. Employing the services of a solar installation specialist and solar system designer would be of u
  2. With the renewable energy industry being one of the industries that thrived despite a pandemic, it’s all eyes on solar at the moment. With the immense growth experienced over the past two years, not just in South Africa, but globally, there are so many rising trends in the industry. We want to focus on how these trends impact South Africa, not just because it’s our country, but because it’s the third-best in the world to convert to solar energy when looking at sun availability, or as the professionals like to call it – photovoltaic energy. Here are 8 trends to watch out for in 2021:
  3. On the 18th of March, Minerals and Energy Minister Gwede Mantashe announced eight independent power producers (IPPs) to produce an additional 1845 megawatt of power to the electricity grid to support Eskom’s capacity. Among these IPP’s is a company called Karpowership, a member of Karadeniz Energy Group based in Istanbul, Turkey. They have been named as a successful bidder to supply a portion of the 2,000MW required to supplement South Africa’s strained power grid. Let’s have a look at what these power producers are and how they work. Since 2009 Karpowership has been designing and constru
  4. It is finally 2021 and everyone is eager to put 2020 behind them. New Year’s messages were full of hope and good wishes for the coming year. Yet, the year started on a negative note. January began with worse Covid figures than ever before and there were rumours of stricter lockdowns. Then came the news that Koeberg Unit 1 had to be shut down earlier than planned for maintenance and that Stage 2 loadshedding was being sheduled. In all, an underwhelming start to 2021. Of course, a new year also means tariff changes for many service providers, including Eskom. So will Eskom’s new tarif
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