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  1. Hi @Richard Mackay Thank you for your response! In the attachments section of my first post is a list of devices that require power as well as their consumption. Let me know if I need to repost.... David
  2. Hi Can anybody recommend an Electrician in the West Rand/Greater JHB area? As per my previous thread I would like to split my DB board into high and low zones, with a suitable outlet and switch over to connect either an inverter or generator (in my minds eye I am thinking caravan type plug). I am after a quote really so if anybody has done this recently would be nice to know the cost? Cheers David
  3. @Richard Mackay thank you for this! Yes I had noticed this noticed but not sure of an alternative?
  4. Hi All Thank you one and all for the feedback! I phoned a couple of companies, even for a simple UPS solution the installation costs in some cases is more than the solution. Cost really is an issue, as has been mentioned a SunySink is R22k without installation or batteries. @Richard Mackay thank you for this insightful feedback, I was aware the batteries were poor I didnt realise how poor. Costs have dropped a lot and continue to fall so perhaps my answer is to invest in some small UPS's, solar powered security lights and Magneto rechargeables for inside the house.
  5. Hi Achmat Thank you for your post, much appreciated! David
  6. Hi I have read with great interest and excitement the many threads in this particular section as it seems I am not alone! First and foremost I must geniunely thank all of the contriobutors for taking the time to respond! I have already learned so many new things and gotchas to be aware of! Unfortunately, despite my newly acquired knowledge and best efforts, I still have a few questions about building a home UPS which I hope someone would be kind enough to help with! If I were to define what I am looking to achieve it would be: "I would like to build a small integrated home UPS
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