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  1. Just to be clear: My sp6000 is connected to a 12vdc relay to switch on the light. The light turns on automatically, when the alarm is triggered. There is no light switch in parallel. There is only the option to turn the light on without triggering the alarm by pushing the PGM5 button in the paradox insite gold app. I would like to maintain the automatic turning on of the lights when the alarm is triggered, I would like to maintain the PGM5 button turn on possibility possibility in the app, and I would like to add the option to also turn the light on with the PGM buttons of the keyp
  2. I have a paradox SP6000; the TM70; remote control; and the ip150. My installer installed a relay and an electricity cable to it which leads to an external lamp. The configuration is made in a way that when the alarm is triggered, the lamps turn on. At the same time, the lamp can be turned on without the alarm being triggered by pushing the dedicated pgm button in the insite gold app. my question: I would also like to be able to turn the lamp on by triggering the dedicated pgm button through the Tm70 and also if possible through the remote control. My installer claims that he would need to i
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