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  1. For the type of GUIs you guys are creating, I recommend using MD Python. It has been a game changer for me, the drag and drop GUI Designer saves so much time and frustration and it’s also free. As you could probably tell you just drag and drop premade GUI features and they are ready to be used. If you want to play with the code and add some flair, you can generate the GUIs as Python code. As with all good things, it’s got a downside: you have a limited amount of GUI elements you can use. There is a solution, MD Python Designer but it is £15. If you’re interested here are the links you’ll find most useful:

    MD Python (https://labdeck.com/python/)

    MD Python Designer (https://labdeck.com/python-designer/)

    The Python GUI Designer (https://labdeck.com/python/python-gui-designer/)

    And if your interested they have their own coding language, from what I’ve seen it’s based on C++ and its seems simpler and neat. The code can also be used for other things and it’s got some cool uses. It’s not really for me but if it interests you go at it.

    Cool links for it:




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