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  1. i got the serial to usb cable. Installed the driver through device manager. Not getting any life from the inverter though. The application does see the new com port but no data coming through at all. Also tried allowing SNMP trap through the firewall but no luck. Anyone with any experience here?
  2. Hi Just a query on the WatchPower application for PC. My inverter unit came with only an ethernet port. The cable is ethernet to female serial (RS232). I now need to get a male serial to USB as many computers dont come with RS232 anymore. Does anyone have experience of this working or not with the additional cable? Tried a normally wired ethernet cable but did not work. Does anyone know if an ethernet crossover cable will work directly from inverter to PC?
  3. 1. I set the battery type to user defined and it seems to have solved my high voltage issue. It now reaches the default bulk charging voltage of 28.2V and does not go beyond that. 2. i am going to change the DC cut-off to your suggested 23.7 and monitor it from there 3. I have set the max utility charging to 20A which is the lowest on this unit. 4. No other info on the menus about PV current. I am going to try a DC clamp meter. 5. It was always my plan to go for one more 415W panel Thanks very much for the information. Very helpful indeed.
  4. I have recently installed a 3kva/2.4KW Open Range Solar inverter. My aim was to create a temporary backup system. Probably an Axpert brand. I have 2 X 105Ah (2 X 12V = 24V system) batteries, flooded lead acid. Before i installed the panels the utility line charged the batteries to about 28.2V and then floated at 27V until there was a load again. To get max life on the batteries i made the following settings. Setting numbers on my inverter indicated as well: 1. Source priority is set to Solar 5. battery type is set to Flooded lead acid 11. Max utility charging is 30A (Defaul
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