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  1. SANS 10142-1:2003 Edition 1.1 (As amended 2003) The means of identification for an a.c. circuit may be by colours or by numbers, as follows: a) where colours are used 1) a neutral conductor shall be identified by black only, 2) an earth continuity conductor shall be identified by the bi-colour green/yellow only, or by being bare. Green/yellow insulated conductors shall NOT be used as live conductors under any circumstances, 3) a phase conductor shall be identified by a colour other than green/yellow, green or black, and Amdt 1 NOTE Welding cable manufactured to SANS 1576 (SABS 1576) should not be used in circuits above 100 V. Amdt 1 4) the colours may be applied at the ends of the conductor (of a multicore cable) by means of durable colour marking (e.g. insulating sleeves or by electrical insulating tape wound more than once around the conductor), and Amdt 1 where numbers are used, "0" shall indicate the neutral conductor. Amdt 1 NOTE Where the purpose or the function of a conductor is apparent, marking is not required. Extract from my 2003 copy, doubt whether it has changed much since I retired.
  2. Doesn't make sense, the current imbalance is sensed by electronic components, the only wear and tear can occur with the mechanical tripping components. Have an electrician Meggar the outbuilding circuits, a combined insulation resistance reading 11Kohm and you will have tripping, each individual circuit should have reading not less than 1Mohm. Also check the tripping current with an Earth Leakage tester, with all circuits isolated, tripping will occur at 20ma. With circuits on, tripping will occur at a lower current.
  3. My 3K Axpert is working with WP V1.07 and Windows 7.1 Check configuration - Com port plug & play setting = Allow
  4. Cheaper from Amazon UK http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/133631-always-forget-to-turn-plugs-off-here-are-five-smart-plugs-with-smartphone-control
  5. D-Link smart plug available from takealot http://www.takealot.com/d-link-wi-fi-smart-plug/PLID40723923
  6. I have the 3Kva KS, has WPS charge controller. Batteries - 24V PV - 1500W (6 x 250W in parallel only) Good price if one of the MKS models. 24V, 48V and 48V Plus
  7. I can't imagine a cable supply company not having larger cable, they must have quoted you on Surfix cable which only goes up to 6mm2. 6mm2 is rated up to 40A, you will have to double up if determined to use 6mm2. The length of the cable and load is not the only criteria, the size of cable must also match the circuit breaker capacity i.e. 60A. As a matter of interest, the short circuit current (KA rating) of circuit breakers is also important especially if near a substation.
  8. This method works like a charm, recommend a junior hacksaw only.
  9. Spanner in the works. It's illegal to bond the neutral to earth in any installation, can only be done by the supply authority. I have done it on my inverter, but the ideal situation would if all inverters had automatic neutral to earth bonding when the power supply fails.
  10. Eugene

    Axpert Question

    I have mine setup the same. Axpert 3KW KS. 2 - 105Ah 12V batteries 2 - 255W pv panels Eskom bypassed, switched on all lights (LED's), the load went up to 805VA / 751W, frequency stayed dead on 50.1Hz.
  11. Eugene

    Axpert Question

    I don't think there is any synchronisation, the inverter is off grid so it is not needed, besides the changeover can be set for appliance or ups. I suggest sending it for repairs.
  12. Good advice. Years ago 'Wiring of Premises', domestic installations, aerials and TV dishes had to have a separate earth spike with minimum 10mm2 bare copper conductor and bonded to the installation earthing system. SANS 10142 now only requires a 2.5mm2 conductor connected to the installation earthing system.
  13. Eugene

    Axpert Question

    Dishwashers and washing machines have motors, therefore the load is inductive. My recommendation: Inverter as a UPS, i.e. computers, TV, HiFi and lights. No earth leakage feeding Inverter, bond inverter neutral output to earth, red dedicated plugs (no earth leakage necessary), Inverter feeding appliances: No earth leakage feeding Inverter, bond Inverter neutral output to earth, earth leakage feeding circuits.
  14. I'm a little confused, the Council DB should only have a mcb and a KWH meter, your main DB is where your geyser controls and the ELR should be installed.


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