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  1. Thank you very much for the replies, I will findout, the installer told me the battery is made in Stellenbosch .
  2. Hi Chris, I am new to solar and  need some help. Two weeks ago I had this setup installed, 12x320w PV Canadian panels + 1xAxpert max 7.2kv + 1 x 5.1kwh 16cell lithium ion battery + app watch power for Android phone. The battery is set to change over to grid at 50% tonight at 10pm the battery was at 35% and not on grid. The app shows PV panels feed  ( strange at 10pm in the dark. I am starting not to trust the installer. Please can assist. Herewith my email [email protected] or mobile 083 648 4843.

  3. Hi There, two weeks ago i had a solar system installed, this is the kit: 12 * 320w Canadian PV + 1 * Voltronics Axpert Max 7.2kw + 5.1kwh lithium-ion + installed the watch power for android. The system works great, however my biggest frustration i have is the app % batt availability is not the same as the batt ( the lithium-ion has a dial showing the % of batt available) - the batt had no communication cable to the inverter. The batt is set at 50% to switch over to grid but it does not change over at 50%, sometimes the house will run on the batt till way below 30%. I was told that the Power wa
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