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  1. Does this unit continue to heat the water when there's a power failure ? Or does it work like a normal Solar installation without a battery backup and doesn't work ? And can I then install a backup battery that will allow it to continue heating the water when there's a power failure ?
  2. Got some more info. The evacuated tube and PV install will be about the same price. +- R 21 000. (Yes if I do it myself it will be cheaper but I am afraid when adding the hospital bills it might not be cheaper anymore) So on avg I use 18-20 KW per day and the geyser is between 4.5-7.5 KW per day. So about 1/3. My problem is I tried to work out my return on investment and I couldn't see that I would save more than R 2 000 per year making it 10 year return. So my question would be is it still worth it or will a normal geyserwise timer save the same amount for cheaper? Here's the usage broken down per day. Here when the geyser goes on
  3. I know one don't ask something like this but can you maybe give me an idea of cost and who did the install ? And what size DC element do you have in your geyser ?
  4. Still haven't been able to make up my mind. And must say from everything I have read the jury is still out. Has anybody measured how effective the PV geyser is in Cape Town closer to the ocean ? I get a bit of salt spray/wind and thinking the PV might just need cleaning more often and being in Cape Town they might limit me when going PV for the house. Must also add, I have very little north roof space. But then again I don't like the failure rate of evacuated tubes. Pump, Plumping, etc is all a failure point that I don't have today. Would be interesting to get the views of people that has either in Cape Town. Also if you guys know of a company in Cape Town that installs both I would like to have them come out and give advice.
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